Friday, 11 March 2011

Yes, No, Maybe.

Been a week and a half this week! And today's my first work day!

Having had Mum's car I've felt it only fair to use it as much as possible, and have had the use extended as her arms are still too uncomfortable for her to drive.  I chauffeured her all day yesterday, and am glad to have done so, having seen how much discomfort she's in for myself!

Piper's potty training has gone on hold for now, but at least once a day she's getting on it and doing something so it's at least an introduction!

Was out for dinner with JoJo from work the other night and went to a local chinese restaurant where they do a buffet.  We had a grand night gossiping away, and the food was lovely, I was pleasantly surprised.


Sigrid was round last night and we watched Inception - I have to apologise to her because there wasn't much chatter (most unlike us!) and sadly, her hernia op date has been given only a few days before we were due to go on a weekend away beading and retreating! I'm going to admit to being utterly selfish and hoping she can have it rescheduled (preferablybefore) so we can have our away date! 

Beading has rather taken a back seat as has crafting from scratch.  I had some swatches to cut for Sigrid so her daughter can dream up something fancy for her Roman topic at school, and a onesie from which I had to remove the feet for Sigrid too so she can be an Eastery Bunneh for Red Nose Day next week! Still have her skirt to alter as well. Which I had planned to do yesterday but I didn't get home between taking the boys to school and teatime! 

Sigrid has given up snacking after dinner for Lent unless it's fruit or veg, and I have given up wine (shocker, I know) so last night we had two great big dishes of veg and fruit and some dips.  The Moroccan spiced hummus was a hit and I made a yoghurt and also a choccy dip for the fruit!  Boys have some of it for their lunch today too, so it's all good!

Sadly, Sigrid will be missing out on this year's Bead Retreat, as her hernia op is three days before it... how typically bummerish is that? Still, as there are four of us signed up for it, I'll still be doing chauffeur duties ;)

OTTBS are doing a birthday giveaway-, I've been nosing at it for a few months now, but only recently took part in the Monthly Moodboard Challenge, but take a hop over and get yer name down!  And take part if you feel like it, it's all great fun and just nice to have an outlet for that ever growing stash! ;)


  1. Aww gutted Sigrid can't make the retreat - we'll need to drink her share of any booze that's flowing for her.

    Sounds like you've had a bit of a week of it - try not to work too hard this weekend.

    Lisa xoxo

  2. pffft like that's going to happen!

    yeah, I feel for Sigrid, and it's not worth her health to cancel the surgery or postpone it as Noodly Appendage alone knows when she'd get another one!

    Means we'll mebbe have to squash into a smaller car, but we'll know more closer to the time ... ;D

  3. I really feel for Sigrid too, she was so looking forward to the retreat. :0( It would have been really nice to meet her - she's already said she'll be coming next year though! :0)

  4. yeah, even if I have to chloroform her ;)