Friday, 25 March 2011


Sometimes, I seem to have a moment of clarity and rediscover why the people and things that matter to me most do just that.  This week has been full of moments like that!

First out of the starting blocks has to be Piper, who has just this moment managed to use her potty successfully whilst clothed!  No pressure kiddo ;)

If you hadn't already seen these pics, where've you been? ;D

Mafia child in training, I can see I'm going to have problems in the future ;D

Ewan, my eldest can, at the moment, swing from being super adorable big brother, to pain in the arse in the 60 nanoseconds it takes to say the word nanosecond.  Last night we both came to the realisation that we'd taken each other for granted.  Bless him, he can't choose whether he wants to be treated as a kid or as an adult ... a few hugs later, after a dose of really straight talking, we're better and so is his attitude!

Stuart is working really hard at the moment to be a better student and I need to find something which will reward him and show him how proud I am of the effort he's making (has someone swapped my sons' brains while they and I were sleeping? :D )

Taede went out to borrow a car from a friend at the weekend and came home having bought one!  His friend has been very considerate and generous, but even more generous are my parents who, after discovering what he'd done, instantly offered to pay the sum agreed with Colin. So all we need to do is road tax it and we're roadworthy again.  Just need to get my van sorted now. :D

My friends at work make it all worthwhile.  I love my job, but mostly because of those people with whom I work.  One of our team is getting married next weekend, and it was her Hen Night last weekend.  It was good to be out and see some of the gang in a more relaxed setting.  I only wish JoJo could have come too, but we went out for lunch on Wednesday and had a pleasant afternoon :)

Taede has the cold, and is the world's most stubborn man when it comes to taking potions and getting better.  Thankfully the days have been sunny and warm, so work has meant he's gotten better in the fresh air, but nights are currently sleepless.  I'm so glad I'm working tonight and tomorrow!  I'm finishing early on Saturday night (well, Sunday morning really) as there is rugby at Tillicoultry on Sunday morning and we've to be there for 1015hrs!  And don't forget that the clocks 'Spring' forward so there's an hour to be lost in bed this weekend!  It's another medal tournament, so I hope that the team can pick up from last weekend's defeat and keep their heads, hearts and feet in the game :D

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