Tuesday, 8 March 2011

So much

to do, and so little time!

I'm back on my own laptop now, and feeling comfortable again, though my fingers still weren't used to Taede's continental keyboard, now they're still hitting the wrong keys here!

Right, Stylish Blogger awards

Thanks ladies, it's nice to know I'm putting a smile on people's faces!

For whatever reason!

I've already linked back to Nic at Smitten Kitten, and now must direct you to Donna 'Delicate Sparkles' Sanders!

Seven random things about me.  This is a fairly new blog, so I'm sure there are things that some of you know and that some of you don't

... I lived in Canada for a short while, just on the 'burbs of Toronto.
... I used to dj on a radio station on internetland

...  when I was small my favourite sweetie was rhubarb rock. This was primarily because my favourite snack at home was a stalk of rhubarb and a poke of sugar!
... Piper is the spitting image of me when I was her age (poor wee scone!)
... I'm happy with my lot
... I'm an only child
... I dropped out of Art School

Blogs I follow ... er, well, I'm a sneaky bugger and don't 'follow' blogs, instead I have them bookmarked in my favourites and dip in and out from time to time.

DJ Adam
I've followed this chap for a long time, and consider him quite something.  Not quite sure what though!  He's the most egotistical human I know, but blow me if he hasn't overcome the most badly dealt hand and come out of it not only smelling of roses but the most amazingly well adjusted narcissist I know! But for Pete's sake don't tell him! ;)

For an injection of reality and beautiful inspiration in your daily beading life, this blog is shaping up to be a must-see place to be!  The monthly colour challenge alone is worth a watch, and joining in is simple!  I love the fact I'm being inspired again by things that have lurked in my stash as well as the serious styling that these beaders have!

Of Obliciousness that is.  Lisa's blog is varied, creative and a great peek into life.  What's more she's a local lass!

Delicate Sparkles
Donna Sanders writes about life and beadyness, and soon we'll all get to meet thanks to her organising a beading retreat in Derbyshire later on in the year for fellow like minded bead nuts!

Laney Mead
creates the most beautifully diverse lampworked beads I've had the pleasure to view,  and she's fun!

in the Shed, runs a great little bead enterprise, as well as a forum where beady botherers can get together and feel somewhat normal about their addiction as well as crafting her way out a paper poke!

(do you see a pattern emerging here?)

Smitten Kitten
Nicola does inspirational things with normal components creating fun, kitsch and innovative jewellery as well as naughty things with cupcakes that's just droolworthy!

(okay, this one is a little different, and may not be to your taste)

The sex blog, says it all really, a conundrum of photos, art and written erotica, as well as insightful discussions and humorous opinions on all aspects of sex and porn.

Ribbonry and other whimsicle fluffery
This is just eye candy for me, I couldn't begin to do this sort of thing at all, but the colours are lovely

No Pants
I'm thinking of challenging myself for this in the summer, mostly because I think I could whip up some nice summery numbers without too much tailoring and get away with it! And also, because I think I may unleash my tree trunks without too much comment then!  I ear breeks far to much! :D

Seedy Beader
I know Aster through Bead Buddies, and it's great to see she's started a blog, and with her expecting, I'm looking forward to seeds and more from this talented chickadee!

Crikey Aphrodite
Not really the most bloggy of blogs, but a damn fine excuse to go browse through the rest of the site and all that corset eye candy!

Cake Wrecks
I love this blog, it makes me feel better about my baking disasters, although still slightly horrified people charge for this!

has more than just little treats in store, but lots of huge ones!

Ruthie's Ramblings
Another beader's blog with insight into what drives this talented miss, and an eye for the exotic!

Another Sooz, equally as talented and antipodean, I stumbled into this blog recently after looking for some bag patterns, it does annoy me slightly that what once was free, is now charged for, but everyone is entitled to make a living at what they enjoy :)

Phew!  That was tough, and now I have to comment to them that I'm loving their blogs?  Sheesh, you don't ask much do you Stylish Blogger Awards?! I will get to it, I promise....

In the mean time I must off and scrub the tippex from my child's nails....she found a bottle of it whilst at her Grandparents' house yesterday with her Daddy - who was installing the pc he'd rebuilt for my parents. He thought she was downstairs with said Granny and Grandpa and they thought she was upstairs with her Daddy.  In point of fact she'd sneaked into Dad's office and found a bottle of white correction fluid, and as it looked just like a bottle of nail varnish, she just had to paint her fingernails along with a matching set of piggies....going to have to get her to paint mine! ;)


  1. Aw, bless her. You can see where she'd get mixed up though, can't you. I remember some of the kids at school doing the same thing - only they did it intentionally! Hope it's easy to remove.
    I'm now going to work my way through your blogroll while I wait for the washing to finish.

  2. :D

    I bet a few are glad they've already done this mammoth task :D It's quite like a chain letter for blogs :D

    But I think it offers no small insight into the person making the awarding :D