Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Steak Pie

I remembered to make steak pie today ... after forgetting yesterday until it was too late! So Parsnip soup, steak pie, trifle and a choice of scones, brownies, lemon curd biscuits or nutella ones are all on the me-n-u tonight.

The boys' dad is coming for tea now too as they are still unwell :(

They rested this afternoon whilst Piper helped me bake

She's turning into the semi-naked chef!

 Here she is rolling the dough - didn't stick either, what a clever stick!

 Here's a Ta-Daaaaaaaah! moment if ever there was one!

And what they looked like once done

Enjoying the fruits of her labours - she even helped with the crescents and we've packaged some up to take to Granny and Grandpa tomorrow - Dad has a mate that pops down of a Friday night for some tea, homebaking and a 'set the world to rights' sesh ... so it's nice to take the pressure from Mum now and again :D

I crushed some cardamom seeds to flavour the icing sugar we sprinkled on the lemon curd biscuits today though I may just add the crushed seeds to the biscuit dough the next time and I fecked up the scone mix, having doubled the biscuit quantity, I forgot I wasn't doing that with the scones and ended up having to add flour to a very wet eggy mixture *d'oh*
Doubling the mix worked well for both though :)


  1. Piper looks so cute concentrating! All those baked goodies look delicious.

  2. They were a bit of all right :) Piper looks cute doing almost anything and sadly, knows it ;)