Tuesday, 8 March 2011


oh it's been a fab day ... not!

Started last night!  Stuart got a less than glowing report from his teacher on his parents' evening.  All over homework!  He's been doing his homework but not handing it in, and mentioned of late he kept 'losing' it.  I bought a fancy folder for him and as we do the homework together, I know it's being done - I have no idea why he's too scared to hand it in!

Today it has been a lack of potty use from Piper (obstinate refusal, not like her) and Taede having to nip to the local DVLA office in Edinburgh, to get a British licence.  Which cost us fifty quid instead of twenty.  But didn't explain why my card wouldn't work at the checkout in Asda.   That'd be the bank, paying out a few fraudulent payments on our account!  Nothing over 20 quid, but none of them made by either of us!  Eek!  Luckily RBS is fairly on the ball, and the money will be reimbursed by their legal department pending investigation outcome.  I was on the phone to Virgin about my mobile that's buggered, and using another one with the sim card when the battery ran out!  The fact it's Fat Tuesday the boys wanted pancakes and so pancakes it was.  Taede enjoyed them the good ole British way with fresh lemon and sugar.  Boys and syrup never go far wrong! And I was supposed to meet with a friend from work tonight. And running ever so late! So we've rearranged for tomorrow night, even though its rugby night and we've set in motion that Stuart's homework will be completed whilst Ewan's away! 

I've finished a tubular peyote bracelet, which is the first time I've done that, only to find I should have used brick stitch! And here was me worrying that I'd feck it up by it not making it long enough! Ah well, at least I have some thing nice to embellish ...or hack up, I'm undecided!

Least my lappy loves me *strokes it gently*

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