Friday, 4 March 2011


Last night Taede, in his infinite wisdom, decided to start repairing the busted fan on my old laptop!  Just when I was winding down I got all wound up so off I bumbled up the stairs (ok, I stomped, but I'm not proud of it!) and after seeing Jane Lock's ring the other night at Bead and Banter decided to whip up a variation. 

I don't often work with size 8's but this zipped up quickly, and looked as mean as my mood!  It's a tad snug though, as I made the peyote strip big enough to fit the intended finger (yes, THAT one) and after the simple embellishment, it had tightened up considerably! 

But, the project I am working on is so lovely and girly, I just couldn't face making that whilst in a strop! For once the thread didn't knot every time, and I judged enough for the job in hand....something that never happens when I'm not really in the mood!

I used to be in awe of Sigrid having many projects on the go but I'm beginning to see where it comes in handy :oD


  1. Very nice lesley - would be perfect for any occasion! x

  2. I really like that, Lesley.

    Lisa xoxo

  3. Hi there,

    I know you've already got one but I've given you another 'Stylish Blogger Award' because I just love reading your blog. Check out the rules here: