Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Time of the Month

when all the colour/moodboard challenges change over.  So Over on Bead Buddies, they (and I) have been quick off the mark!  There's an alphabetical theme to the colour choices, and this month the colours are Carrot, Charcoal and Chrome.

I have some super dentelles in my stash after being tempted by them on The Bead Shop Scotland's site.  I bought Hyacinth, why, I will never know, but I dug them and all my other coordinating beads out and left a miasma of packets on my bead table.  I didn't appreciate how marvellous these swaros actually are until I had squeezed one from the packet.  Such a depth of brilliance, pity they need to be beaded 

So, in the afternoon while waiting on a call from the other half I knocked out a little cheeky earring.  Sadly despite much trying, a visit to Bead and Banter at the Stockbridge venue of the aforementioned bead store, where the muse still escaped me I was unable to recreate a partner.  It was even suggested I take two separate photos of the same earring and 'shop them!  I was sorely tempted and inhibited only by the fact the lappy is still out of commission whilst awaiting a new fan to be installed.

So this morning, after snipping the damn thing apart about five times yesterday, Piper demanded Toy Story 2 and whilst Woody and the gang thwarted chicken suited villainy, I knocked out another earring.  Funny, it was playing yesterday as well.  It turns out that my muse is Pixar created, or at least, sated by Pixar's creations!

These are the offending earrings - with Miyuki delicas, in some sort of AB coated orange and a matt yet AB coated dark grey, hiacynth dentelles (11mm) and new wild heart shape charm in black diamond both by swarovski with size 15s silver lined clear seeds and sterling silver earwires.  I'd be more specific, but it is one of my pet hates that the bead shop don't list the code numbers or colours on their packaging!

I'm due to go to the gym tonight with Sigrid and her friend Julie, and have managed to get an mp3 player set up and working.  Now if it was just as easy to do the same with my body!  Sigrid suggested that we do Friday night as well, but just prior to work is not a fun option, and I couldn't articulate why doing it prior to working a nightshift was so much more of a horrifying prospect than doing it after work (which is what she does).  I think it's the fact that I am jiggered (it's a word, honest) after a 9 hour shift working hard in a physically demanding role without having slogged my guts out on the aerobic machines before.  That and Friday evening is the only time I seem to spend with the bubs before Sunday as I'm asleep during Saturday and they are away to their Dad's on a Saturday evening, with Sunday being a time of reuniting at rugby.  So, yeah, I think I'll be missing out a trip to the pain chamber before the hellhole

Now all I have to do is link up with all the other places that I frequent and see what they have on the boil as far as colours and themes are concerned.  I hope one of them has lime, I bought lime stuff last night! 

Thanks go to Nic for her Stylish Blogger Award!

Catcha on the flipside whilst I work out what I'm going to wear and my acceptance speech, er blogpost!


  1. Loving the earrings ... and as long as we don't dress like Madonna did for this years Oscars for our stylish blogger ceremony then i think we can't go wrong! *lol*

    P.S - wear the earrings ;)

  2. lol, I can't one of my ears is reluctant to let anything foreign in....! I need to get my lappy back before I can find all the blogs I follow as I'm a sneaky get and have them all bookmarked on there!