Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cupcake City

I am entering a challenge, and it was discussed last night in the car on the way home from Bead and Banter!  I have to thank Lisa for being the most excellent of sounding board people.  Together, we've got a cupcake idea that's a doozy ....

as well as being boozy.

Here are some of the ingredients that are going to make their way into the cupcakes.

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice the bon bons which will provide thoughtful mastication opportunities.  There's a hint in what the outcome is going to involve, but I'm definitely going to blog the process, success or not ;) x

Day 8

Piper was up most of last night.  Woke up every 20 minutes or so until about 3:15am!  Eventually I think exhaustion took her over.  Certainly did me!  Poor wee snot factory!

So, so far, no outfit.  I had planned to go visit my folks today, but with Piper being unwell, I think it best to avoid the spreading of germs.
I have however, the pleasure of the company of this monster

Yes folks, there's some cable work going on for BT here, just in time for the part of the week I have to sleep during the day!  Brilliant, isn't it? Oy vey ... I hope they're done soon, I'm fairly certain there won't be much napping today for either Piperdoo or I.

I will just have to get on with my cupcake challenge for this blog - Cupcake Challenge 2011  - just need to get some supplies first! Grocery shopping ... my idea of heaven ...what did I do to deserve such a day as this?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Day 7

Just for Laney ...

Why I chose Djinn Rummy ...

I'm a total Terry Pratchett fan, and also Tom Holt.  I love djinns, efreet, genies, witches, warlocks etc ...all mythical beings from all cultures cross over and melt from one hero to another :)

I wanted to call it Djinn Mummy, because I liked the connotation of Mother's Ruin. But I was vetoed for that by the other half - who has been a great influence on my sobriety!

My earliest memory of tv was watching Bewitched with my mother ... I think that this has a lot to do with my choosing this.  That and I LOVED playing gin rummy with my Gran who taught me all the card games I know and some i've forgotten.  Many an hour was whiled away in her kitchen in front of the coal fire, listening to the world outside and enjoying each other's company without many words.  My Gran was a very wordly, proud woman who I know loved me fiercely.  And my love for her is just as strong! 

I chose the user name Mrs Cake, because I love to bake and because I like the idea of being feard by the men of the postal service in Ankh Morpork! :)

I wore a fairly autumnal get up today, as the weather cannot behoove itself to any one season here at the moment.  No photos though, by the time I got home from Bead and Banter my Suck Me In Pantyhose were threatening to cut off my limbs so I ripped off the load and stuck on my fleecey jammies :)

Bead and Banter was great tonight, there were cookies, Hershey Kisses (thanks Shirley!) and gifts for Sigrid :) I got a lovely gift from Lisa too, for my fortieth which I'd kept quiet and now have no excuse for not starting a Laura McCabe Nudibranch bracelet!  Thank you Lisa  *hugs hugs hugs* :D And I have extra witnesses who can testify to me wearing a skirt and still not being able to negotiate the back seat of a hatchback :) I blame the chuffing chaffing ;) xx

Monday, 6 June 2011

Days 4, 5 & 6

have also been jim jams or work clothes day ... here is a particularly unflattering picture of me with one of the chaps who come in every week (nissed as pewts, invariably) and make my life a mis... er, interesting, and mostly fun! :)

Meet Grieg!

Ok, now you can safely navigate forth into the much nicer world of beading!  I'm a huge fan of Lynn Davy, her work is very inspirational and her use of colour and texture in her pieces fille me with awe every time. She makes fabulous tutorials and they appear in all the beading publications, both here and abroad.  One such pretty was in Beadwork  February magazine and on the recent bead retreat, Donna was working on it and I'd bought beads to make it, which seemed to be awfy tiny when I saw it working up.  Undeterred, I had other turquoise beads in the stash and some size 10 delica beads in copper.  So without the magazine but the memories (fuzzy of course) from the Retreat I made this.  Yes, I know, there's no turquoise in it... turns out they were still too big! So I used some rock crystal facetted drop briolettes instead :D They match  the crystal of the delicas and the teeny tiny facetted briolettes I got from Linda Mabbot in a forum birthday swap perfectly :)

I like it, but it's definitely a collar length thing, which isn't usually my bag.  But the other half said he likes it and asked if I will be keeping it, and I was going to swap it, but not so sure now! :)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Day 3

I've gone from being a popsicle to that ever dreaded chafing moment today ... temperatures here are(NSFW)  *rather* nice but it feels a shed load hotter (don't click the link if kids/workmates/bosses/mothers/neurovores are about).

I am wearing a skirt not unlike this one from Matalan, except mine is florally printed and nice satiny feel.  But not for doing the garden in I've found!  I forgot my knees would be at the mercy of the ground  ... I think I shall be quite happy to return to my jeans but this did mean I got the sun on my milk bottles briefly!  Piper demanded the paddling pool, which is a good idea seeing she's still got a temperature and I'm running one now as well!  Ugh! 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 2

Laney thanks for that comment yesterday! :) made me smile after a very difficult night!  I will be wearing jammies ALL DAY today given that I have had a horrific night with Piper being rushed to out of hours service! I was to start my Thursday nights again tonight, but had to rearrange it til next week.  I hope that Piper will nap and I will nap too :) Loving fleecy bottoms and tops that don't make my boobs so humungously large (even if they are! ;) )

I found this fabby cupcake blog with challenge yesterday thanks to Sarah Tucker, so might muster up the energy to rise to the occasion today - pinny with jammies?

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Flaming June! Day One

In so many ways ...

I had been intrigued and irregularly following this blog for a few months when it struck me that I need to 'feminise' myself as I'm always in jeans or work's trousers, or worse still joggy bottoms ... Now, I know you can get lovely girly trousers, and wide legs tend to suit me if I can get them in my length but I think for the purposes of girlyness - nothing does it like a skirt or a dress.

So I decided that I'd do it for one month.  I had actually said in April that I'd do it in May hoping the weather would be just as fine, but I forgot and on first day I was in trousers, so June it had to be.  The weather turned out to be horrendous.  Not that today was much better. 

But I've started.  Of course I can wear jammies, and I will still be wearing work trousers, given that hobnail boots don't go with skirts unless you happen to be Nanny Ogg or Granny Weatherwax :D

I admit, I'm looking forward to better weather, and July :D xx