Friday, 3 June 2011

Day 3

I've gone from being a popsicle to that ever dreaded chafing moment today ... temperatures here are(NSFW)  *rather* nice but it feels a shed load hotter (don't click the link if kids/workmates/bosses/mothers/neurovores are about).

I am wearing a skirt not unlike this one from Matalan, except mine is florally printed and nice satiny feel.  But not for doing the garden in I've found!  I forgot my knees would be at the mercy of the ground  ... I think I shall be quite happy to return to my jeans but this did mean I got the sun on my milk bottles briefly!  Piper demanded the paddling pool, which is a good idea seeing she's still got a temperature and I'm running one now as well!  Ugh! 


  1. What no pic of you in it?? I too am having a chaffin' moment, but I think its more that I have swelled because of the heat...thats my theory and no one is gonna tell me otherwise!! x

  2. chuffin chaffin eh? no pic of me in it, I wasn't giving Piper the camera, even if she took a picture, there's no guarantee she'd actually get me in it! There'll be a pic of me in it again tomorrow though, As I'm being a manky bysm and getting another wearing before it hits the tub! :)

  3. Ouch, dreaded chaffing indeed! It's such a pain and can ruin a lovely day. I came across 'Luvees' on the Frocks and Frou Frou blog. After reading some reviews I went for them and I'm sooo glad I did!! I really recommend them! :) I love that skirt, it's gorgeous!
    Ashley x