Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day 8

Piper was up most of last night.  Woke up every 20 minutes or so until about 3:15am!  Eventually I think exhaustion took her over.  Certainly did me!  Poor wee snot factory!

So, so far, no outfit.  I had planned to go visit my folks today, but with Piper being unwell, I think it best to avoid the spreading of germs.
I have however, the pleasure of the company of this monster

Yes folks, there's some cable work going on for BT here, just in time for the part of the week I have to sleep during the day!  Brilliant, isn't it? Oy vey ... I hope they're done soon, I'm fairly certain there won't be much napping today for either Piperdoo or I.

I will just have to get on with my cupcake challenge for this blog - Cupcake Challenge 2011  - just need to get some supplies first! Grocery shopping ... my idea of heaven ...what did I do to deserve such a day as this?


  1. Got up :O) after your night sounds like you deserve a treat!! Ummmm monster digger, will swop for permanent Nissan 300ZX garden ornament aka hubby's midlife crisis project about 5 yrs ago! :O( Hope Piper feels better soon x

  2. She just doesn't seem to be getting over anything at the moments! This too shall pass though :) Thanks for the giggle at the Lawn Ornament :)