Monday, 6 June 2011

Days 4, 5 & 6

have also been jim jams or work clothes day ... here is a particularly unflattering picture of me with one of the chaps who come in every week (nissed as pewts, invariably) and make my life a mis... er, interesting, and mostly fun! :)

Meet Grieg!

Ok, now you can safely navigate forth into the much nicer world of beading!  I'm a huge fan of Lynn Davy, her work is very inspirational and her use of colour and texture in her pieces fille me with awe every time. She makes fabulous tutorials and they appear in all the beading publications, both here and abroad.  One such pretty was in Beadwork  February magazine and on the recent bead retreat, Donna was working on it and I'd bought beads to make it, which seemed to be awfy tiny when I saw it working up.  Undeterred, I had other turquoise beads in the stash and some size 10 delica beads in copper.  So without the magazine but the memories (fuzzy of course) from the Retreat I made this.  Yes, I know, there's no turquoise in it... turns out they were still too big! So I used some rock crystal facetted drop briolettes instead :D They match  the crystal of the delicas and the teeny tiny facetted briolettes I got from Linda Mabbot in a forum birthday swap perfectly :)

I like it, but it's definitely a collar length thing, which isn't usually my bag.  But the other half said he likes it and asked if I will be keeping it, and I was going to swap it, but not so sure now! :)


  1. Heheeheheeh....I have to ask, well someone has too, why Djinn Rummy? I have googled it and come up with a book?? Please tell, its killing me not knowing! :D

  2. hmmmm, one for the blog tomorrow perhaps? *strokes chin*