Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 2

Laney thanks for that comment yesterday! :) made me smile after a very difficult night!  I will be wearing jammies ALL DAY today given that I have had a horrific night with Piper being rushed to out of hours service! I was to start my Thursday nights again tonight, but had to rearrange it til next week.  I hope that Piper will nap and I will nap too :) Loving fleecy bottoms and tops that don't make my boobs so humungously large (even if they are! ;) )

I found this fabby cupcake blog with challenge yesterday thanks to Sarah Tucker, so might muster up the energy to rise to the occasion today - pinny with jammies?


  1. Is Piper ok now? Sounds nasty, still got the tummy bugs? Hope you manage to get a snooze in x

  2. Thanks Laney. She's managed to keep a bit of cola and a spoonful or three of her favourite Rolo Pudding, and had a three hour nap. Looks promising :)xx