Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Flaming June! Day One

In so many ways ...

I had been intrigued and irregularly following this blog for a few months when it struck me that I need to 'feminise' myself as I'm always in jeans or work's trousers, or worse still joggy bottoms ... Now, I know you can get lovely girly trousers, and wide legs tend to suit me if I can get them in my length but I think for the purposes of girlyness - nothing does it like a skirt or a dress.

So I decided that I'd do it for one month.  I had actually said in April that I'd do it in May hoping the weather would be just as fine, but I forgot and on first day I was in trousers, so June it had to be.  The weather turned out to be horrendous.  Not that today was much better. 

But I've started.  Of course I can wear jammies, and I will still be wearing work trousers, given that hobnail boots don't go with skirts unless you happen to be Nanny Ogg or Granny Weatherwax :D

I admit, I'm looking forward to better weather, and July :D xx


  1. Great that you will be joining in the cupcake challenge, look forward to seeing your cupcake!

  2. My that jumper makes your b**bs look big :D Wearing a skirt eh? Whatever next....boob tube? :D Me? I'm a jeans and t'shirt kinda gal, occasionally if the temps are above 30 I will pull out the 3/4 jeans but it has to be hot hot hot. Now jammies. There is something I can relate too...I am still in the ones with snowman and Pooh bear with a Santa hat on! x