Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Day 7

Just for Laney ...

Why I chose Djinn Rummy ...

I'm a total Terry Pratchett fan, and also Tom Holt.  I love djinns, efreet, genies, witches, warlocks etc ...all mythical beings from all cultures cross over and melt from one hero to another :)

I wanted to call it Djinn Mummy, because I liked the connotation of Mother's Ruin. But I was vetoed for that by the other half - who has been a great influence on my sobriety!

My earliest memory of tv was watching Bewitched with my mother ... I think that this has a lot to do with my choosing this.  That and I LOVED playing gin rummy with my Gran who taught me all the card games I know and some i've forgotten.  Many an hour was whiled away in her kitchen in front of the coal fire, listening to the world outside and enjoying each other's company without many words.  My Gran was a very wordly, proud woman who I know loved me fiercely.  And my love for her is just as strong! 

I chose the user name Mrs Cake, because I love to bake and because I like the idea of being feard by the men of the postal service in Ankh Morpork! :)

I wore a fairly autumnal get up today, as the weather cannot behoove itself to any one season here at the moment.  No photos though, by the time I got home from Bead and Banter my Suck Me In Pantyhose were threatening to cut off my limbs so I ripped off the load and stuck on my fleecey jammies :)

Bead and Banter was great tonight, there were cookies, Hershey Kisses (thanks Shirley!) and gifts for Sigrid :) I got a lovely gift from Lisa too, for my fortieth which I'd kept quiet and now have no excuse for not starting a Laura McCabe Nudibranch bracelet!  Thank you Lisa  *hugs hugs hugs* :D And I have extra witnesses who can testify to me wearing a skirt and still not being able to negotiate the back seat of a hatchback :) I blame the chuffing chaffing ;) xx


  1. Whoo hoo...welcome to the over 40 club...you have had the birthday now technically over 40!! I am a new member, 40 and a month...or so...:O) Bewitched, the American version with Sam and Tabitha? One of my favourites as was Ask Jenie or Genie another American kiddy sit com of the 70's! I am reading at the moment some mystical books, not the norm for me, but I am thoroughly enjoying them, Wi'tch War, Wi'tch Storm by James....bother..someone..Clemons..just googled it - quicker than dashing upstairs! Now then... Ankh Morpork...???...you doing this on purpose!
    PS I used to love playing gin rummy one of my favs :O)

  2. pps so what EXACTLY is a dijinn??

  3. Terry Pratchett's Discowrld is an alternate reality, Ankh Morpork is the city location where most of the City Watch action takes place, never a more wretched hive of scum and villainy will be found :)
    D'jinn is the Arabic origin of our word genie ... to me, they are like our guardian angels ... but contact between them and their charge is permitted ... ? Does that make sense? :D