Tuesday, 10 May 2011

post 'n' run II

Yesterday I picked up a rather funny all graphite pencil that was in a a pack my son has, and doodled while waiting on Taede returning from the take away pizza establishment.  Piper was watching tv, tired and sleepy and yet mesmerised.  So I thought I'd have a quick sketch of her.  I reckon it could very well be 10 years or so since I drew something 'real' as opposed to just dawdled with things in my head.

I've resolved to get myself a sketch pad and scribble more often, and get my skills back up to speed.  I've always been the sort of person who has to be in the mood to create things, regardless of whether it's sketching, baking or other creative pursuits... the more I have to do a thing, the less it turns out as it should.  Please tell me I am not alone in this?!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A while ago

I made a necklace for Jean's niece, for her birthday.  Jean's now asked me to make a bracelet to match. And I have a week!  The only requesite for the original piece was it had to be gothy, with purple and she likes dragons.

I have less to work on this time!  So I raided the stash and made a start on a charm bracelet.  My initial idea was to have some charms spaced out so it was a start of a bracelet.  But it looked too sparse so I added in some pearls.

Now it's full, but not as full that she can't add more charms to it.

Then I thought I might make something that Carol Passaro via Sarah Tucker whipped up for us on Operation : Tackle that Bead Stash as an alternative.  It used the same suede cord as was on the original necklace, but I didn't have a heart or crystal that was drilled through! I raided the stash again and found a purle pressed glass skull and used that.  This gave me a Cinco De Mayo vibe, and I remembered this chap. 

Another pressed skull in amber which I brick stitched around with an ornate headress in herringbone weave with tiny picot edges.  I doubled up the picots at the bottom to give him a frill.  I only had the one, so I ordered another pack of the mixed beads in the hope that there'd be another one. I was delighted that there was, but lost my beading mojo, so that little guy has waited for his buddy since mid December last year!

I thought it was high time they were a pair!

So, a tad early but ¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More Lovely People

Bead and Banter tonight, and Sigrid and I were joined by Shirley as well as Lisa and Mary.

We had a laugh as usual, and met another beader as well as hooked up with the fab, gentile and fun Jane Lock again.  I didn't catch the name of the beader opposite Jane but what a scream she was!

Here are some pics ...

 Lisa, Sigrid and Mary engrossed by their work ...

Shirley and another beader enjoy the banter

Jane looks at bead pr0n - oooooo matron!

I do like our jaunts, and both the journeys to and from ... later in the month is going to be a blast! :D

Monday, 2 May 2011

All the lovely people!

I have had a wonderful weekend of birthday ness ... First, on Friday I  got a free day off courtesy of the new Mr & Mrs William of Wales! Thank you me ole chinas!

We had friends and family over and I'd made chocolate cake.  I had iced it with plain vanilla buttercream to look like roses (which was quite easy - Just like icing lots of cupcakes on one big cake!) Sadly I didn't get to take pictures .. I got waylaid by pfaffing the kitchen and the nuptials! And hats.... oh dear Lord the hats! :D Here's a piccy link to where I got the idea ...

And oh YES will I be doing the vertical layer cake at some point! Ran out of time this weekend :)

The boys' friends came over later in the day and in spite of the grey clouds and wild chilly wind went out with water guns and had a fun time :)

Saturday was different, the sun shone heartily and after Taede had finished work his week off started! woohoo! We visited my folks in the afternoon and there was more water fights. And more cake, Mum made a cinnamon cake that's traditional in Portugal and there was still chocolate cake left!

We all quaffed some cava and then made our way back up the road to allow me to get some kip before the walk. I wasn't keen on the idea of being without the bubs but Steve is entitled to his own bubs time, and I'd still kinda hogged them all day!

Sunday I got a wee long lie after my exertions! Then it was a small road trip to find Adventure Planet, an adventure in and of itself due to all the roadworks, with Sigrid and her youngest.  Ailidh was at a party so Sigrid and I nipped along the road to Dobbies garden centre where I bought a few plants and we had cream tea.  Sigrid gave me this beautifully crafted pendant, made with a smooth pebble from my garden which she snaffled during the great Garden Clean Up of Twenty Eleven.  What a wonderful job of it she did too! I wore it at the garden centre where it really snazzed up my dusty cardie and scruffy jeans combo!  I also wore it out to dinner with the family which was a day late. 

Today we had the paddling pool out, and had general outdoorsy fun at home. And had a good grin at some twenty something chap on his mobility scooter, who was having a blast on the new tarmac laid by the council for a new five a side pitch.  Sadly my batteries were flat or I'd have taken pictures. 

This is a pic of some of the workmen on their lunch hour last week while the sun shone.  I've never seen anyone enjoy driving donuts quite as much as this chap, and it fair put a smile on my face to see him come back later with one of his more able bodied companions who ran around after him like a daftie!

So, it's been fab and tomorrow is bead and banter. And I get to go out to lunch and some shopping with JoJo too ... Thursday is a night out for us, then Saturday is a night on the town with friends and workmates ... was going to make jelly shots, but I'm no where near organised as such at the moment.  I don't want to make my own cupcakes, but my hand may be forced ;)