Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A while ago

I made a necklace for Jean's niece, for her birthday.  Jean's now asked me to make a bracelet to match. And I have a week!  The only requesite for the original piece was it had to be gothy, with purple and she likes dragons.

I have less to work on this time!  So I raided the stash and made a start on a charm bracelet.  My initial idea was to have some charms spaced out so it was a start of a bracelet.  But it looked too sparse so I added in some pearls.

Now it's full, but not as full that she can't add more charms to it.

Then I thought I might make something that Carol Passaro via Sarah Tucker whipped up for us on Operation : Tackle that Bead Stash as an alternative.  It used the same suede cord as was on the original necklace, but I didn't have a heart or crystal that was drilled through! I raided the stash again and found a purle pressed glass skull and used that.  This gave me a Cinco De Mayo vibe, and I remembered this chap. 

Another pressed skull in amber which I brick stitched around with an ornate headress in herringbone weave with tiny picot edges.  I doubled up the picots at the bottom to give him a frill.  I only had the one, so I ordered another pack of the mixed beads in the hope that there'd be another one. I was delighted that there was, but lost my beading mojo, so that little guy has waited for his buddy since mid December last year!

I thought it was high time they were a pair!

So, a tad early but ¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo!


  1. Love the bracelets, but those earrings are super funky!


  2. Love them so much.