Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Clothes!

I have been awfully norty and bought yet another new frock, erm, and shoes...

I did buy both in the sale though, so I don't feel so tarred by the guilty stick!  And I've made a pair of earrings to match it.  So I'm almost set for my night out on Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday I'm not working, and will be part of a task force of ladies taking over the town and painting it scarlet, or possibly harlot, as  part of a Hen Night.  There's a meal at La Banca (no sangria for me - I'm off alcohol for Lent) and then the traditional pub crawl where Natasha will be selling kisses to strangers for money in her potty.  I'm going to have to re-jig the earrings though, I thought there was a jade green in the print but it's more yellow/cerise/magenta mix ... 
All I have to get now is a nice thick pair of tights! 

What? You want to see pics of the frock and shoes?

I've also been baking from the beautiful book Nicola sent me.  These are the second and third recipes I've tried from the book and so far they've been fabulous!
Chocolate Brownies have long since been a nemesis of mine, with only Nigella Lawson's recipe working for me in the past (but yielding far too many).  This time I think I overdid them (fan assisted oven grrrr) but only slightly, and I'll know next time not to make it over 12 minutes (I've started adding post it notes to the pages with notes)
The Banana and Cinnamon Muffins were supposed to have 4 bananas in it, but I only had three, and I didn't have buttermilk, so I mixed up cream/milk/lemon juice again - which made them super light!  Had I put in the four nanas, I'd have had enough mixture for 24 muffins, instead of the estimation of 12, as it was I had 20 ... not many left now though! I would also advocate adding a little more cinnamon than the 2 tsp the recipe calls for, but I suppose that's just personal taste.  There's no way they'd have made it to 30mins in the oven without being cremated, so definitely err on the 20 minute side of the recommended cooking time! And taste even better the second day!

So, this recipe book is certainly a hit, for when it comes to a single school of cooking (ie baking) I rarely find more than one or two favourites!

Piper's introduction to potty training is going well with few accidents, though she's reluctant to do more than pee in it!  Stagefright ;D
And after my night out, I get to get up early and take Ewan to his rugby away game at Glasgow Accies!  His dad is away at some karate shindig this weekend, so the boys won't be with him overnight like they normally are.  I'm guessing the boys are looking forward to a change in routine too.  Seems a shame all their time with their dad is packed into one part of the week then a whole while without!

Think I should go bake something else now, keep the troops happy :D


  1. Oooh wow! you are going to look amazing!
    I really wish i had the guts to wear shorter dresses, i really need to work on my legs and get off all that weight i put on since quitting smoking.

    Oooh glad to see that you are enjoying the book!
    I have the book getting dusty on the bookshelf (it's all the gawd darn diets fault!)

    Love to you and the sproggles

  2. oaft I have legs like treetrunks with thunderthighs! But I don't think I care any more...I have a wonderful man who loves me for whoever I am and sometimes in spite of it ;) I do want something to cover up my arms/shoulders though. So coincidentally, my mother has offered a wee bit of retail therapy tomorrow, so I shall hopefully pick up some tights and mebbe a wee shrug or something! ;D

  3. I love the outfit - the earrings will set it off perfectly. I like my arms/shoulders covered too. If you can't find a shrug, I have plenty I can lend you. Shimmmery (not sparkly!) ones in black, gold or silver or a black jersey one.

  4. I found a nice one when I was out with mum, but have found another one I like in black chiffon ;D