Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day

the most romantic day of the year, for some, and just another day for others!

We're the latter in this house, not that we're not romantic in our own way, but on our own terms, not this 'holiday'

Anyway, been a long day yesterday filled with work, little sleep, cold fields of rugby ness, tidying and a smidgeon of beading, and some pattern cutting.  

Beading has been a bit lax lately, I'm entering a piece in a challenge set by a fellow forumite at Bead Buddies, which has the theme chooks, eggs and Easter.  I decided I wanted to make an embellished egg, a la FabergĂ©, but having never beaded round much more than a largeish cab or rivoli at most, it is taking much longer than I anticipated.  Piper is not impressed at the temporary loss of her white plastic toy egg either...

I have made a cod of the bottom end, but hope I have learned so that the top looks passably more interesting.  A big thank you must go to Aster Sadler for her inspiration tutorial in the latest Beads & Beyond Magazine.  I have an inkling that I want to make little cherry blossoms from a bugle branch embellishment on the egg's surface.  Being a lover of Japanese art and culture, I think that would be quite a fitting tribute to spring.  Of course now that Terry Pratchett has informed us that his latest book, Snuff, which will feature the fabulous Vimesy will be released in October, I can hardly contain myself until the dawn of winter again!  Must get Captain Jack over with first before I can swoon into the arms of another fictional character :D

Mum bought me flowers today, given that I've been a bit poorly of late, and the drugs didn't work!  She's a fine one to talk, but the flowers are beautiful.  So yes, a romantic VD (whoever thought of that had to have been having a laugh!) but from my good ole maw than the other half!


  1. That egg looks amazing!
    What a fabulkous idea to do a faberge egg ... really really an admirable project! x

  2. That egg is going to be a real beauty.

    How nice of your mum to give you flowers.

    We don't do valentines day here either. As hubby told friends at dinner on Friday night "every day is like valentines day in this house" - obviously he'd had a few by then ;)

    Lisa xoxo

  3. I have to do Valentine's Day 'cos if I don't Steven sulks! Mind you, he did have me a dozen gorgeous red roses delivered this morning. Must have cost him a fortune! (I'd much sooner he put the money towards getting the house sorted but sssshhhhh don't tell him ;0))

    Love the Faberge egg! I bought a wooden egg last year with the intention of doing similar but it's still in it's packet, unloved and unused. Maybe one day...

  4. I've never even beaded round a bead before, I've a feeling I've bitten off more than I can chew, but that's me at my best ;)

    I've a feeling that he's bought a card at least, as the empty cellophane wrapper was lying on the floor upstairs ... I haven't done anything :o there may have to be cupcakes made tomorrow :D