Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Meet Elvis

the latest member of the platypus family.  With a trade mark sneering lip and a fetching skin tight white floral jumpsuit, Elvis is ready to grace the land again!

This particular platypus is all ready to get fired up in the microwave or be chilled out in the freezer to help you deal with any day to day aches and pains.  What music you play to help this along is entirely up to you!


  1. Seriously he is super cool!
    I am smitten with these Platypusses, platupusi, Platypi?! *lol*


  2. that's been puzzling us too :D I enjoy making them as well :)

  3. I so love these! What is the collective term for a group of them?

  4. as platypus are solitary animals there is no official collective noun for them, which means I think there may just have to be a competition!

  5. Are they? Don't know a lot about them tbh, other than yours are very cute. :0)