Monday, 21 February 2011

Piper is in her element ... she's playing hostess to all her brothers' friends and enjoying the attention! Cameron has been particularly good with her, so gold stars to him :)

I've spent the morning clearing up whilst the boys game and Piper flits between them all... I'm amazed at how few of them eat breakfast, though I suppose the distraction of the Xbox360 and PS3 aren't helping.  I figure there's no point in forcing them, after all you can lead a horse to ;)

I'm also making my first cupcakes from the hummingbird bakery book ... Isn't it fab when you've started a recipe then realised you are missing a vital ingredient, with no hope of getting out to buy it?  ''Use what you've got and you'll not want,'' was a phrase that was heavily used in our house, so a tub of cream and some lemon juice later and voila, buttermilk :D Jiggery pokery aside, this recipe is much more frugal on eggs than the one I am used to, and the mixture was much thicker than my normal result as well but yielded 18 good sized cakes and would have stretched to 20 had I been willing to rake out another six hole tray! The mixture also resembled something out a horror flick, the 20mls (almost a full bottle) of red colouring created a rather evisceral looking mess in the midst of my kitsch old Kenwood! I should have taken a certainly impressed the boys! Now the cupcakes are out and cooling, they've risen in a very pleasing gentle dome and had I overfilled the cases, I'd have had a very successful muffin shape!  I've never before managed to have that rise and fill without a lot of spill! 

I shall do a photo post later to show the final results!

I shall also be going to bed early tonight, as I think my eyes look as if they are about to disappear under the luggage that they're carrying ;)


  1. mmm I love red velvet cupcakes - haven't made them in ages - think the last time I did my old mixer gave up the ghost halfway through.

  2. Okay, I've seen red velvet cupcakes in Tesco and always been a bit weirded out by the red colour. What's the difference in taste/texture to ordinary cupcakes? Is it just a case of adding red food colouring, or what?

  3. they're mildly chocolatey but not 'in your face' overload chocolatey ;) and yes, the red is purely food colouring, but the way they are constructed, (extreme reactive levening agent - vinegar and bicarb of soda) make them very light, and crumb-y (not crumbly) :D

    They go well with both cream cheese frosting (shhhhh don't tell Stuart - he loves it and hates cheese ;) )or a marshmallow one. With less than 2 ounces of fat, and only one egg (but buttermilk) it is a pretty lean yet indulgent cupcake (at least this recipe is) :D