Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sleepless in Falkirk

Gah! I feel worse today having gone to bed early and not slept for a huge chunk of the night tossing and turning worrying about finances.... 

As you do...

So up and at 'em early to get cupcakes made today, Iron Brew ones for the boys' sleepover and Malibu ones for my Mum's GabFest function today.  She's having the neighbours in for drinks and nibbles and had wanted to make the Guinness Cupcakes but ran out of steam.  I figured if I made a double batch of vanilla cupcakes I could doctor one batch to have a sophisticated yet still cheeky and casual look for her shindig. I substituted some creamed coconut in the vanilla mix instead of milk and the marshmallow icing was made with a measure of malibu.  It wasn't til I iced them that I realised a wee spot of jam in each cupcake would have been a fun addition, as the company are all of an age that teacakes and snowballs are fondly remembered and possibly (certainly in my Father's case) revered.

I am supposed to be going to the gym with Sigrid later, but money is too tight to mention, and I've done a power of housework so, I figure I should be financially savvy and not get any further overdrawn!  Thankfully Steve (boys' Dad) has offered to get in provisions and pizza for the sleepover, so that's a relief....only three more days til money lands again...I wish the people who took direct debits off the account would stick to the same date and not an approximation of 'sometime within the same week'!

Ewan has reported that his side won two and lost one of their games as they were playing away to GHA in Giffnock.  That's the first game I've not been to watch since the season started and I feel terribly guilty ... but I did have stuff to organise for his mates coming round and I think he's had a fun time with just his Dad :)

Tomorrow I shall make more cuppycakes, but try one of the recipes from my beautiful Hummingbird Bakery book that Nicola sent me :) They certainly use less eggs than the recipe I currently tweak ... I may even make a proper cake, if I can locate the tins!


  1. yum, they look delicious! I can never get my icing to
    look that amazing!
    Direct debits can be a pain! hope its sorted soon :)
    Ashley x

  2. Thanks :) I love it all, it's a bit of a palaver, but great fun, esp the glitter! I think I shall be mopping up coconut forever though!

  3. *drool* I agree with Ashley - my icing never looks as nice as that, then I give up and shove it on with a spoon :P

  4. haha :) shoving it on with a spoon is an art in itself, though I usually let the children fight over the spoon licking ;)