Wednesday, 9 February 2011


It's been brought to my attention in a roundabout way, that there is no official collective noun for platypus.  In the wild they are solitary animals, and so there has been no need . . .until now!  I need a collective noun for my platypus, and with your help I'd like to find one, that has preferably not been used for anything else...

Of course, feel free to comment on your favourites! (I am partial to a murder of crows!)

So a ......... of platypus?

The prize eh?  Well I think it has to be a platypus, custom created of course, as either a baby or toddler safe soft toy, microwavable hottie or decorative toy for older children!

Just add your ideas to the comment box below, with a contact (email or whatever you prefer) and how you found me.  In accordance with facebook rules all competitions must be ran externally but you are more than welcome to use your id there if it helps.

Winner will be picked at random after the closing date of 28th February 2011 and notified within 24hours!  Have fun and go wild!


  1. A 'SCOOP' of platypus'.

    I found you through a friend on Facebook.

  2. hehe Scoop, I like that... ThankYou!

  3. They are such little cuties.

    A plethora of platypus (or should that be platypi?) and if you had one boy and all the rest were girls you could have a plethora of polygamous platypus, but no way am I attempting that one after a bottle of red :P

    L xoxo

  4. lol, plethora is such a good word! A bottle of red sounds good :D

  5. A huggle of platypus my 3 yr old daughters contribution!
    Found you on FB

  6. Oh dear! I can't think of anything good! hehe!

    a squidgen ...
    a puddle ...
    a superfluity ...
    a glutony ...

  7. An oddment? Or maybe that would be just one. :0/ How about an assortment seeing as they seem to be made from an assortment of other animals?

  8. a huggle, sweet!

    Nic, on fire with all those suggestions... :D

    I like oddment but assortment seems very fitting for mine as well as the real deal :)