Monday, 7 February 2011


I has the cold!  I knew working with someone who kept sneezing and couldn't cover her mouth on account of holding boxes of wine bottles or beer cans was going to lead to this! 

Piper was sleepy so I thought a nap may happen, but it didn't.  So I decided to be productive instead.  I've fancied this pattern for a while but never got around to enlarging the image.  After wrestling with the printer I finally got it, and then hacked up an old top of Piper's to make it.  She's outgrown the fleece, and always liked it, but it was a bit tatty to give to a charity shop on account of her having fallen heir to it from a girl at work!

So armed with a fantastic tutorial Sigrid steered me toward on the net, I gave it a bash.  Having learned from my sesh on the sewing machine yesterday I took things slowly, and carefully. 

Piper is very happy with her new toy, who we've named Parma (as in violets) the funky little 'tattoo' heart is from Maggie (Pinkowl) on Bead Buddies, and was in a bargain mixed bag.  It just matched perfectly and Piper likes her tattoo'd pet!

She also likes posing for the photographs and tries to steal the camera if we let her.  Mostly because she wants to see what we've just taken!


  1. Blimey, that's good! I can't believe you're so creative even when you're feeling under the weather. I usually just end up sitting watching cr@p telly when I feel ill.

  2. Oh, and forgot to say, Piper looks like a real cheeky little thing, bless her. :0)

  3. nothing like her mum ;)

    the pattern and the instructions are really good, I made a great job of it because of that more than anything :) I want to make a squad, and I like that I can recycle things for it! :D

  4. Fabulous and what a little cutie Piper is. I've been trying to get to grips with my sewing machine too, although spend more time thinking about what I'll be able to make one day than actually making stuff!

  5. my mum's old neighbour used to teach sewing class when I was at primary school. It ws mostly large bore cross stitch. She'll be gabberflasted I managed this, and the beauty of it is that I filled it with the offcuts being soft and fleecyness, and some rice.... not washingmachine safe though. But we can't have everything....smells nice and comforting too :o Going to source wheat for some that we can microwave (with french knots for eyes) ... and mebbe some lavander blossoms in it too! :o