Saturday, 15 January 2011


both on new jewellery pieces and at Asda again.  Tonight is the colleague night out (except it was cancelled) but some of the colleagues are still using the night off and going out for drinkypoos. Wish it were me. Though earning money is good.

I bought Laura McCabe's Embelished Beadweaving from Amazon which was a fab price and pointed out by Carrie on Bead Buddies.  I am inspired by it, and whilst it looks intricate the step by step instructions and diagrams are explicit enough for even me to be able to follow.  So, think I shall have to do a magnum opus as I'm fuelled with ideas and want to feed my creative monster! Want to use it as inspiration though, as opposed to recreate a particular piece! And hopefully I shall learn patience amongst other things, but I must clear my plate of greens first.  I have half a clasp to add to Taede's father's necklace and it's done! Hurrah!

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