Tuesday, 25 January 2011


As it is Tuesday, no other song in my head could be more appropriate.  Well Perhaps Paint it Black, but that's depressing.  

Today's botch job is a Jean Power 3D star.  I think I fecked it up in the first panel which meant zipping it up went horribly wrong ... however, by panels 4 & 5 I was confident it looked right (instead of unsure) and so I think the next one I tackle might turn out a sh....edload better...

This is the second attempt I've made at Operation Tackle That Bead Stash

The first was going to be a beautiful RAW(r) *winks at Laney* cuff that faded through four shades of purple swarovskis but it just looked like a p.o.s. I even attempted to turn it into an earring but it still looked sh*t. :D

This one is rejected on two grounds (possibly three)
1. It's not perfect
2. The gold doesn't look Gold-y enough
3. I've ran out of purple delicas so can't make a neighbour for an earring.  

And let's face it, Operation:Beadstash just isn't cutting it if I have to order in more beads! :D

So, back to the drawing board...perhaps inspiration will hit me like a truck soon

In other news ....  It's Rabbie Burns' Night .... or will be when darkness falls, currently it's just his day, but it's less atmospheric so let's gloss over that m'k?

In honour of the philandering ba....rd, how about this wee ditty from the Merry Muses

Wad ye dae That?

Gudewife, when your gudeman’s frae hame,
Micht I but be sae bauld,
As come to your bed-chaumer,
When winter nichts are cauld;
As come to your bed-chaumer,
When nichts are cauld an wat,
An lie in your gudeman’s steed, Wad ye dae that?
Young man, an ye should be sae kind,
When oor gudeman’s frae hame,
As come to my bed-chaumer,
Where I am laid my lane;
An lie in oor gudeman’s steed,
I will tell you what,
He fucks me five times ilka nicht, Wad ye dae that?

And you thought he was all...My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose.... eh? ;)

No wonder he's worshipped wi' the banter! 

As testament to the old rake, I'm having pasta for tea! Though I do have shortbread


  1. I am still well impressed with it - no matter what you say!

  2. now that I managed one the proper way, I'm quite ashamed of my effort! :) However, I never let a thing get me for long! :)

    And your kind words are appreciated ;)