Monday, 17 January 2011

Glam Camo

I've had this planned to be a cha cha style bracelet, but after a catalogue of what felt like disasters I decided that less is more! It has turned out rather like an example from Carol Hubert-Cypher's Mastering Beadwork book, but it was unintentional I assure you, subliminally I think it called to me though....

I also attempted to make something with Vickie from Beads4Breakfast's lampies, but it didn't work out as planned neither, well it did, but the picture doesn't do it or the beads justice.  It does, however, show how well the light pools and flows from these babies! :) 

So, that was my Blue Monday ... not sad blue, but more the air being blue!


  1. Ooo that patchwork cuff bracelet is fabulous dahhhhling! Colours are scrummy, and I really wish the picture was bigger! I wanna get close to it *ooh-errr baby!*

    Very cute neckalce with Vickie Lampies, lovely subtle hues inthose babies.

    I seem to hoard her lampies with utter delight *rolls eyes* he lampies are so well pampered in my bead box, i really should let them out, put them on a necklace or something so then they can be freeeee! x

  2. Her lampies are great, it's awesome to watch someone's talent unfold and blossom isn't it?! :)

    I have uploaded a bigger, slightly less donkey photo of the camo cuff ...I'm wearing it now, I'm such a saddo! Only thing with a close up is the wonky threadwork ;)

  3. Love that cuff - totally screams Klimt to me.