Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday again ...

comes round all too quick!

Yesterday was rugby day but it was so very cold, and with only three hours sleep I was uberchilled!  Lord knows how the kids felt.  It was so cold that I sent himself, Piper and Stuart back home with Granny and Grandpa because I don't think it would have done them any good to get frosted at the edge of the lower fields!

Ewan's team lost two games and drew one, the matches seemed fairly even though.  Last match had an opposition coach booing when our team scored their first try.  Luckily I was at the opposite side of the park or I'd have said something I regretted.  If I'd had anything to do with our team I'd have hauled the kids off the pitch and told them they could forget about playing, the lads are only 10 or under, and ours are encouraged to be very gracious and sporting regardless of whether they win or lose. 

Ewan didn't seem as disheartened as I thought he would, nor was he in the thick of the action this weekend, his idea of running was definitely a quick stroll, and even that had to be encouraged (ok, I yelled at him but it's encouragement, of a sort....!)

A hot shower and a game of charades at Gran's later and he was all happy.  He came down just after half past nine last night to get a water refill and to give me a hug, to say thank you for sticking with him through the cold afternoon.  How could I not eh? :D My lovely wee man :D

I have also started work on a new chain maille project, having taken delivery a couple of weeks back of some stainless steel rings, I figured it was time I tried using them.
I'm not well versed in chainmaille but as it was a friend at work's birthday on Friday I thought I'd make her a charm bracelet with a swarovski heart on it for a surprise gift. JoJo has crazy psoriasis and can't wear just any metals so I hoped stainless steel would be okay.  She was delighted with it and wore it the rest of the night, so hopefully no ill effects. I made a copy with a shamrock swaro charm which I managed to photograph(above).

Playing with the rings led me to try something a little more complicated so I've started this, again as a gift for a friend in NornIron. It's late, should have tackled it last year, but I wanted to have the skills to do the project justice, so I hope Mark can forgive me! If anyone can tell me what weave it is I'd be grateful, as it was a quick and dirty wee tutorial in Make Jewellery mag last month. Didn't give ring sizes or name to it, and I just thought I'd give it a try in my rings and it worked nicely ... though I may have to invest in proper chain nose pliers *eyeroll* 

Hope you have a lovely week ... I'm working tonight, but looking forward to Bead and Banter tomorrow :D


  1. Loving the chain maille, Lesley. Weirdly enough I have a strong desire to do this again (I've only done one bracelet) and ordered a new book last week (to go along with the one I already have but haven't used).

    The poor little scones - I bet they were freezing. Euan sounds such a little cutie though. I'd have belted that coach :P.

    Hope today brings you lots of love and happiness :D:D

    Lisa xoxo

  2. Woah i am well impressed with the chainmaille samples. I love the second weave. I tried it for anout 54 minutes once and then gave up! (master of patience is I)

    Loving your little man, he seems like a real treasure giving you thankyou hugs.


  3. he is such a great kid, they all are, though he sure has his annoying moments too....he's not a any standards, but he's my big lad and I love him :D

  4. Thank goodness those days are over for me....*phew*...I remember standing around in the bitter cold for rugby, I think the coaches have a twisted sense of humour, the colder, icier, nastier it is the more matches they play...bah humbug. Our rugby club that my son played for, held a match with a visiting team and the visiting team brought along family supporters (we were under 10's or thereabouts) and the supporters got very 'aggressive' with their banter, encouraging ungentlemanly tactics, the coach stopped the game, told the supporters to encourage both sides or wait in the club house. I used to like it when they had all the lads line up and shake hands after the game too. Shame you can't play rugby in the summer...not that our wet summer is better than our icy winters!!

  5. yeah I think had Matty heard all that banter he'd have nipped it in the bud :) Our lads are very good at cheering the other side and shaking hands if they've been beaten :D makes me proud that they do it without encouragement!