Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday, Monday ...

Yeah, Okay, I'm feeling a bit Mamma Cass at the moment, but the day of the week is the only reason I chose this song, and I'm feeling a tad mellow today. In the face of everything!
Today, I didn't get a lie in, though I did expect one, as it is also Taede's day off and a Monday is a tough one as I never sleep well after the couple of night shifts.
I also had the added spice of Stuart telling me before bed that he has a project due tomorrow. And he needs a model with moving parts for his Wars of Independence topic at school.  Last year, we made a wooden framed mangonel for Ewan, and for a torsion based projectile firing weapon, it worked really well ... I can't recall if we took photos, which is a shame as it was goosed by 32 happy kids firing marshmallows around the classroom.  Ewan was bitterly disappointed that his teacher wouldn't let them light the marshmallws...Imagine that eh? :D

So, this morning, after I went back to bed to try and avoid the day, I found myself with a cunning plan.  I make cupcakes, and the boxes I use for transportation have the holders and the holders pop out perfect little discs that would be ideal for wheels.  And mum gave me a great cardboard box that was just not the right size for cupcakedness. 

The drawing out of a paper template and then a honking great stanley blade later and I was ready to assemble, but I'm fairly sure there wasn't gaffer tape back in the 1300's although I think William Wallace did take out the patent on :) 

Assembly was a whizz and Stuart seems really pleased with the result and now wants me to build a castle so he can lay siege to it!

Sigrid's little bug has the Romans as a topic, and needed a tunic made (for a slave, which can be cream or brown.. I'm told) so she asked if I would help out and I was happy to jump at the chance to use the new machine (yeah, I'm going all out for authenticity eh? :) ) so I raked out some cream material whipped up a funky little tunica that will be several shades too big I think, though Stuart is a slight wee beggar.  I'm hoping that she can stick a belt on it, as it will do a few dress up days in the future (and last Ailidh into her teens I think!) 

 Mum and Dad came round to show off their new car, we passed each other a few times on the road up from school though eventually they got here and mum brought me a new pair of shoes we'd ordered from Hotter....they are fab, very old fartesque but fab for work, not that I'm itching to get to work yet ;)

Now I'm sat watching the pilot of No Ordinary Family.... chinchin!

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