Thursday, 6 January 2011

It hasn't been the best of months old December.  Passed in a blur, it did.  As has Christmas and New Year! Neither of which went according to plan!  Taede's family were over and it was good for everyone to catch up on everyone else but more work than was expected. Piper caught the flu, and we had to take her to the out of hours doc. Then we caught it, though not as bad as some so our celebrations were postponed until Tuesday past.  Boys are back to school today, and Piper and I are lost without them! Means I'm slowly catching up with the laundry ....

I have orders of fabric and beads yet to arrive, and my sewing machine did eventually make it so I've made a start on the to do list.  I'm currently having fun guessing the senders of my secret santas, both from tinternetland and work! :)


  1. I am one step ahead of you there....I have officially caught up with the washing today!! whoo hoo....thank goodness I don't iron...phew!

  2. I did my washing yesterday, and don't iron either.

    Can't wait to see what you make with your sewing machine. I definitely want to sew more this year, as have only used my machine a couple of times.

    Lisa xoxo

  3. I've got another couple of loads of washing and plenty of ironing... I'm getting quite good at procrastinating about that though!


  4. My mother's friend bought me a plaque at New Year that said '' The Ironing Fairy has left, welcome to the World of Creases!'' Bloomin' Cheek ... I'm far more skilled with a tumble dryer than she gives me credit ;)

    I think in a house full you never get fully caught up unless you have nekkid days....the boys didn't like the idea of those though ;)