Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Don't know what's up with me, a tightness in my chest, and a cold spot in between my lower shoulder blades along with a nasty narcoleptic tendency suggests it's all gone a bit Pete Tong.

A few days in bed have helped and luckily the other half was on hand to take care of Piper and/or the house.

Glad to be up and haveclothes on today, albeit slouchy style, but better than jim jams!
I have even cooked dinner (three different versions) and given myself the gippy tum, as the dish I prepared is a very luxuriant rich feast that always has me sitting on the throne for a while ....tmi? oops!

I have a commission of beadyness to work on for Taede's Pop, so as a way of putting off that evil hour, I've whiled away some time I've had with this folly - though it's going to be a brooch for Mum.

I have also had the pleasure of being inspired by a piece another forumite beadalicious person had created after stumbling on a tutorial on youtube.  I am currently working on another in a different colourway :)

And have looked out more of stash goodies to create a couple further.  As well as found my heart charms so another couple of pearl bracelets will be in order shortly.  As well as this damn commission :) I shall try to get involved with as many challenges and competitions this year as possible, although I've been very lucky so far, having won the Winter themed competition on Beaders Online :oD

 We were at Mum's today returning their car which has been a Godsend, if not just boon to us in the past  month or so.  They're likely trading it in against a new (to them) Merc A Class. Dad has trouble with his knees, predominantly his left one so they've opted for an automatic. And as they're due some money back after some hokum company trying to rip them off for solar heating panels hopefully they'll have fun in the new voiture.  They're also going to be getting some money from Cunard after spending almost their entire cruise confined to quarters after contracting the Norovirus onboard ship.  Cunard are blaming it on a passenger having carried it on board, but it's particularly suspicious to hear that within a fortnight of their return to Southampton the Queen Mary has also had a modest outbreak of the same bug! 

Ewan had an awesome homework assignment today.  His math homework is angles ...he loves it, as do I, and I enjoy the fact he's beginning to link how math and all that palaver relates to the outside world, something I don't think I did til I was an adult!  The other assignment he had was find as many words you can make with the letters in the word 'alliteration'. We sat around the table and came up with thirty or so at first, then Ewan said he wanted more than a girl in class who had worked with her family and come up with 53.  We decided to quit after 103 ... some were Proper Nouns though, and he wasn't sure if they'd be acceptable.  so we gave ourselves a small cushion just in case.  Piper was crotchetty so we decided to quit at that and go home.  Ewan had rugby tonight, and he'd fallen en route to the car today outside school as the roads were like glass.  He has a big bruise on his gluteas maximus, and a nice dent on his left shin. Poor scone.


  1. That brooch is gorgeous (and you already know I love the bracelet).

    Hope you're feeling better soon, or at least cosied up drooling over your new book.

    Lisa xoxo

  2. I feel much more better (as Cap'n Jack would say) but am at work so every cloud eh? :D Thanks for the wishes :)