Monday, 29 August 2011

first flight

Piper had her first day at nursery ... she waited, stewing all summer, to get to this day.  Last week she was beside herself with frustration as her big brothers both got to toddle back to school.  Her daddy was even off work so we were all able to enjoy this momentous occasion together ...

After dropping the boys off at school, nipping home for the inevitable forgotten item(s) and returning them to the boy in question, before the bell, by the by .... we trundled back up the road, and were still early for her first day.  Her response was to take the car keys out my pocket and attempt a bit of B&E before class!

As predicted, when the moment came for us to leave, she didn't even give us a backwards glance :)

We were asked to return early today to pick her up, and it didn't go unnoticed that she did not want to leave (quelle surprise?!).  However, she skipped up the road, in fact zipped, so she could show us and her uncle Stevie how fast she could run.  Sadly she fell over, and scudded her wee schnozz off the tarmac :( A loving hug/carry home from mum did the trick though.

Despite all her activity and her apparent tiredness, she still managed to keep up with us until almost 8pm, as we all plugged into the xbox to play Lego Rock Band.  We had a great laugh with Taede on bass guitar, Stuart on lead guitar, Ewan on drums and Piper and I on vocals ... it is interesting ... but mostly fun, especially when whoever has the mic goes to the loo with it still switched on and we can all hear everything! :) Piper invariable pulls out the leads to both the mic and the guitar, but you know, apart from all that ... we had such a great laugh :) 

Spontaneous crazyness is always good for the heart ;)


  1. Oh i'm so happy she had fun, shame about the war wound from the nose. Always a little memory she'll probably never forget. *love* the backpack! x

  2. she loves it, but it tires her out, and today is the first day she's given in and dozed off to sleep. The back pack has been around for a while and we don't actually watch any Dora .... Handy Manny, now that's a different kettle of tools entirely ....*my hero* :)