Saturday, 6 August 2011


I've been a busy girl lately, and have loved it!  It isn't often I can say that about things I have to make, but I've felt I have throroughly enjoyed the pressure :)

I finally finished Lynn's bag, but I don't want to reveal it until the lady herself has seen it ...
so make do with a photo of the fabric!

I also managed to send out my O:TTBS bracelet swap and am itching to reveal it and the beautiful one I received!  And find out who it was from! :)

I'm fairly excited that I finished this bracelet - I had gotten so far before Tuesday evening's Bead 'n' Banter but needed to buy some more pearls to finish it.  Of course I forgot one of the colours of crystals so couldn't embellish it ... I turned instead to doing a bracelet for the Bead Buddies' Monthly Colour Challenge.  Whilst at the B'n'B I had a eureka moment and decided to attempt a ring!

I was over at Sigrid's on Wednesday afternoon where I finished the bracelet off after bending needles, and snapping thread a go-go. My Turkish Delight bracelet still had to wait as I'd forgotten the alternative colour of crystals AGAIN! But I had a very nice afternoon with my girly, getting all caught up and being fed lovely food!

I posted out the doggie doorstop and the shoulder bag that Flossy-Lou-Lou and Laura won on Bead Buddies Pass The Parcel Draw - I was so silly I'd completely forgotten that I'd won Linda's beautiful treasure box and beads for that competition and was only after a nudge from Sooz I flew into a panic!   So congrats ladies, hope you like them and that you all forgive me for being such a ditz! :D

I was out last Saturday night with the girls and guys from work and we hit the town... after a much enjoyed dinner at Wetherspoons (some of which was liquid, natch!) we went for karaoke, but detoured via another bar for shots .... I had my first (and second) Jager Bomb and turned up too late for any singing slots ... just as well, because we would have blown away the competition! ;) We ended up at one of the local discotheque whereupon I got a fairly ok groove on, and then got dropped off (very generously, thank you Liz and sober significant other ;) ) at the end of my street! At 2 ay emm! :D  And didn't even suffer much on Sunday! Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this story is Jojo had on a pair of beautiful shoes and I offered to make a bag to match them! :D

I have a lovely pair of charity store find trousers that will make a fairly cute bag to match these stunners, and thanks to a loan of a brill wee book from Lisa Broadley I'm all good to go.  I also found a lovely couple of tartan scarves and a bracelet that I'm going to use as a handle for one ...

Look what came in the mail today!  Beautiful hand tatted lace from Pammi who is also a Beady Buddie :D Thank you Pammi, it is beautiful and will look adorable on the project that is still in my head :D x I'm such a lucky lady!

My final reveal is something I'm really chuffed with ... forgive the state of my hands etc but I adapted the Turkish Delight bracelet pattern to form a very blingy cocktail ring.  I like my rings ... precioussssssss :D  I'm thinking about doing a tut for them, as I've been encouraged by the lovely ladies at Bead 'n' Banter!

That's all for now folks! ;)


  1. You must do a tutorial for that ring !! Loving everything you've made (as always) and eternally jealous of your productivity rate!!

    Lisa xoxo

  2. Thanks Lisa :) I think I might just tweak this ring a little more and do a tut on it. :)

    My productivity goes in fits and starts ... hopefully when the children go back to school and Piper begins nursery I shall have a more regular schedule to keep :)

    I have embarked in a time consuming project and don't know how you manage it! :D