Sunday, 28 August 2011


where does the tempus fugit to?

I thought August so far had taken the amount of time it was supposed to so far.  Despite being busy with little things here and there, children returning to school and work taking up much of my time (I am finding it takes longer and longer to recover from the weekend's efforts)
But now I return to blog-land and notice it's been quite a while since my last post.

Piper starts nursery tomorrow, so she has her bag packed (ok, has had it packed for a week, and I'm buggered if I know what she's done with it! ;) ) and a new outfit to get dirty :)

I made some cute little phone pouches ... they seemed a hit :)

I got a few orders so will be busy with it all for a while, though I do have a bead soup and a Buead Buddies forum challenge to complete.  I can't find the time to do it all without guilt at the moment! :/  
Sigrid and Lisa are coming over for a swfit supper and probably/possibly some beading on Tuesday night ... I was going to stuff some mushrooms as Sigrid is severely curtailing her carb intake, but I saw some scumptious looking pasta today so I shall have pasta with red pesto, salad, and I am thinking that I shall make some bread ...and I am considering making the cheeseless cheesecake for afters ... 

I was also planning to re-jig the furniture in the living room to fit the dining table in for the winter... but I think that trays will be the answer, I like the space I have :) (cluttered and toy befuddled though it may be ;) )

I missed a night out last night by being responsible and going to work instead of taking a holiday ... I wonder what I missed, I am certain those who were out enjoying themsleves wouldn't have missed the enormous workload we had (and failed to deal with - grrrrrrrrrr) :)  My body is now paying for it, but I feel I shall sleep tonight xx

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