Monday, 8 August 2011


I've always had a thing for vintage stuff, jewellery, fabric and clothes.  When it was my final year disco (prom, we never had no steeeenking prom) I wore a rust coloured velvet dress my mum had made and worn herself in the sixties!

I've recently fell into recycling materials and such, having always had a knack for purchasing WAY too much in the past and having a lurve of raking through charity shops! 

Lisa (Oblibby) recently lent me this book - which as a resource is fabulous for bags -  the only pattern of which I am none too fond is on the front cover! :D

I really think I am going to have to buy it! :) Inside there is a cute little Dorothy bag that I thought I'd have a bash at, if only to work out how on Earth it is fashioned.  This is my first ever zipper insert and I've got to admit that I didn't use the pattern, just freehanded onto the fabric and flew by the seat of my undies! From what I can tell (the instructions seemed a little hazy here) the bag in the book fastens itself by looping the loop over a fabric handle.  I already had a nice chunky 80's bangle I wanted to use as a handle, and the loop was never going to fit over it, so I had to bodge up a compromise.  The book also disguises this handle conjoin with a big bow on one bag and a rather dashing yet also humungous rose on another. I quite like my vintage button though, which allows the bag to open into a crescent (ok Ewan, bananaaaaaaa) shape.  

I have another small piece of this scarf fabric left, and I'm holding out for a few offcuts of a camel coat so I think another bag may be in order .... though I *do* have some black fabric.... hmmm decisions decisions! :D

These bags are taking me roughly an afternoon to make from start to finish, so i think I might just be getting the hang of it ;) I'm getting the Piper seal of approval!

My next bag project is forming in my head ... in fact it's been in my head for a while, a nice little simple envelope clutch bag that is making my head ache.  Perhaps that will be better out of my head and into reality! I really need to get Marcia DeCoster's Urchin pattern for the embellishment though... I plan on having that either dangle from one side with some fringy embellishments or make it the clasp ... but you know me, everything could change on a whim! :D

Talking of whims ... I recently won the opportunity to bead this button for a Bead Buddies competition.

The project I chose to match this was a textural, embellished rope.  As it was pictured on the forum reminded me so very much of Picasso ... but now the button is in my hand I feel so much drawn to the influence of Gustav Klimt .... but I am bound by my original suggestion and boy is that going to be a challenge in, and of, itself! :)

I'm also going to introduce me to my Bead Soup Blog Party Partner ... (try saying that when one is pickled!)drum roll please ......  Liz Deluca.  I am already on it as far as looking out some pretty bits and pieces.  So it is another trip to the Post Orifice for the other half!

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