Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Earlier Vintage

now I can reveal the bag, the one that kick started this recent compulsion with sewing bags of every persuasion.

Lynn Davy very kindly sent me some beautiful vintage Sanderson fabric and requested I make a bag ... I'd never made a bag before, far less used such precious fabric. It had been a curtain at one point and had belonged to an aunt who had recently passed away.  So I had to be certain I could do it justice.  I was scared, apprehensive and very reluctant to start, didn't want to cut it, didn't want to balls it up and procrastinated a fair bit whilst other things that were more pressing came in and out my life.  I vowed on my return from our holiday week away I would make a start, and a mock up of less important material.  Buoyed by that success, I wasted no time and started the bag. 

I made an arse of ordering ironmongery having mised up 2.5 inches with 2.5cm (A common male/microsoft issue it would appear) and had to await the right sized buckle to make an adjustable strap. 

Then Lynn was on holiday when it was completed, so a nailbiting wait ensued until her return and then I was able to post it out.  I believe it was a triumph, as Lynn seems rather happy with the result :)

I hope you are too ... I was thinking of making up a blog tutorial/pattern for it here ... would anyone be interested? :D

I also made a cute little evening bag to go with JoJo's shoes ...

And this was the result of another recycling effort ... with her favourite colour of blue as the lining

Hoping that JoJo has lots of fun with it ... :)

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