Monday, 5 September 2011


I'm on them .... isn't it strange the saying we have? :)

I received my Bead Soup Blog Party beads from Liz Deluca, and have to say the pictures I have taken just don't do them justice.  Having them in your sweaty little mitts is just divine, to turn them over (and over and over...etc) to see the shimmer and sparkle has become a daily past-time :) I have to thank Liz greatly for her generous spirit and for her attention to detail in the presentation.  I am on tenterhooks, awaiting news of delivery of my beads to her... I'm worrying because of the vagaries of international post, hoping they survived the journey and herald the return of spring/summer to the southern hemisphere.

I can't even recall if I took pictures of the beads I sent, having been in such a rush to actually post them out!

Hopefully they'll arrive soon! *prays*

Here, for your eye candy, is some photos of the beauties I am lucky enough to receive :)

and I know what I want to do with them too! :) I may even get it done tomorrow night at Bead and Banter

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