Thursday, 8 September 2011

The week that was

where did that 7 days go? A blur of work, rugby, social outings and crafting!

My washing machine has gone on the frit again, but at least is covered by warranty.  That was the good news, the bad news being it will be tomorrow now, before an engineer (called Tom) will visit (between 8am and 2pm) to fix it.  I hope he fixes it good and proper as we seem to have three loads every couple of days.  Mum has been a brick letting us use her machine but that tends to lead to visits on a daily basis where lunch is consumed, then you hang around to go pick up the boys instead of going home, which leads to nothing much getting done around the house!

Bead and Banter on Tuesday night was, as ever, a blast. I was quite productive for a change, and can only reveal one item as the other is for the Bead Soup Blog Party!

The rest of the time I've been bag making, pouch making and a hat now as well.  The idea didn't execute as well as I had hoped, as the fur was a lot thicker to sew than expected and the presser foot didn't like me much after it!  Next time I shall make a double length of fleece so it is only fleece at the top and fold the fur up. I would also use a single strip, instead of trying to make the most of the fur fabric I had, and accidentally sewing one segment upside down! :) Still, looks like the recipient liked it :)

The bags I made for myself, a handbag to match my outfit on Monday as I was off out with the girls for a late lunch! :) The next day I whipped up a tote to cart my beady projects to and from Bead and Banter, complete with keyholder. Today, whilst out shopping (at a local charity boutique!) the manageress approached me and asked if I would make bags for them from their fabric - the stuff they get donated that may have a mark on it, or a tear that can't be sold.  She's meeting with me next week to discuss terms etc, but she's hopeful I can be paid for my time - or they pay a small fee per bag and they add a mark up. And of course - they'll promote my bags and other bits and bobs as well.  I'm fairly happy at that, I never thought I'd make it on to the High Street! ;)


  1. Bead and Banter, looks like fun, wish I could come.

  2. It is fun, there's a wee squad of us that go together, and the banter is what it's all about! Sharing, learning and meeting new people, catching up with others you have met, all good fun :) Been very busy of late as well which is great, means the shop makes a bit of money too - as well as providing shelter for us poor homeless beaders :) I was going to say succour, but thought somone might have something to say to that! ;)

  3. oh, but all is not lost - if you facebook, you can join in the virtual bead and banter, well, mostly banter, we have to take you at your word you are beading ;) is the link for all who wish to join in :) (it's an all the time thing too, so no waiting for that first Tuesday of the month to roll around ;) )