Saturday, 24 September 2011

An Evening on the Town

Just what the doctor probably didn't order, what with antibiotics and still sounding like a seal on the ice floes of ....well, somewhere cold! :)

A very nice steak at the 'Spoons in Falkirk, and fresh orange juice for me (gotta keep that vitiman C uptake going) .. then on to the Scotia for the karaoke.  I was encouraged to join JoJo for Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time and she rocked it, totally rocked it, she sounded amazing :)

The bar was lively, full, even if it was predominantly males that were thronging the bar.  (what is that all about, anyone care to enlighten me?  It's not, erm, a gay bar ... I'm sure) - what I really need to know is why the gentleman in the bar wearing the white tee shirt tapped me in the side (where I'm horrendously ticklish by the by) and then lifted up his tee to reveal a rather ... average stomach actually and the very clean waistband of his Calvin Kleins ... when he didn't get a reaction (because he wasn't actually looking at me at the time) he did it again ....
I was very pleased to see he was proud of his mum's laundry skills - not enough sons take the time to show how much investment their mother's make in them

I particularly liked us (Sigrid and I) winding up the bouncer that we were posh!  Don't think he's ever going to believe you come from Bearsden :)

On the way home it was discussed that we must take afternoon tea at this establishment!
The Blind Pig


  1. Sounds like great fun! Keep an eye on Groupon/Itison/Living Social, as Blind Pig quite often has deals on for afternoon tea xxx

  2. I said to Sigrid, Bet Lisa has been there ... have you and is it any good? I do love the idea of prohibition style sevice :)

    If the tee shirt guy had been chocolate he'd have eaten himself! Totally creepy ... and kept doing it all night to random laydeez. I thought I was going to die when he tapped Sigrid and she turned round and yelled WHAT??! at him and he faltered a little then :)

  3. Sounds like you had a fun an interesting evening ;)