Thursday, 28 April 2011

Well ...

what are you waiting for? It's almost time!  You can either tune in or opt out, but either way the Royal Wedding is nearly upon us.  I'm having friends and family over for viewing or avoiding so there will be food and frolics a go go ... two tv's have been set up for those who do want to see every minute and the rest of the house and garden is a no fly zone!

I'm hoping the weather continues to hold, so we can sit outside and have eats set up there too.  The back garden is going to be opened up and I may even get out the paddling pool (if only for somewhere to keep the cider/beer chilled)

On the menu

Sarnies - Ham, Egg and Cucumber varieties
Mini Cornish Pasties
Mini Scotch Eggs
Chocolate Cake
Sweets (old fashioned style in plastic yet glass like jars)
Should I do cupcakes?
Scones, cream and jame
Burgers and Hot Dogs

Cava (do I look like Andra Carnegie?!)
Shirley Temples
Various fruit spritzers
Alcoholic Ginger beer (with Roses Lime as an optional dash!)
Fruit Juice
Tea/Coffee ...

I had intended to make a vertical layer cake with chocolate/strawberry sponge, but it's now 20 to 9 at night and I can't be arsed!

In true Oor Hoose fashion, it wasn't until about an hour ago I discussed with Taede that it might be an idea to hook up the different t.v. - cue much grumping, and we've got the x-box set up to stream it on the other telly assuming it's going to actually be that popular! :) 

I did, like a twit, resort to some red white and blue bunting which I may hang along the garden fence in the morning if I a. have time, and b. remember :D

I wish the young couple nothing but health and happiness, which is hard enough to get in a normal life, far less the goldfish bowl that they will conduct themselves... I've managed to avoid hype and hyperbole up til now and would just prefer it to be a day of relaxing with friends at home while something magical and mysterious (as well as historic) plays out in the background ... we'll see :)

So, what are your plans?


  1. Sounds yummy! :) No plans here, we don't even have the TV set up to actually watch anything other than films or the xbox! Perhaps I'll do some sewing, or maybe even some revision for my upcoming exams. I really should, but sewing is much more appealing!
    Ashley x

  2. Ooooh I wish i was closer, then i'd be there with red white and blue cupcakes and a teapot of tea! ;)
    But, since I live in a far far away land, i'll be at work - watching a live stream video over the net. Drinking Tea, and will get some cakes for the office tomorrow :)

  3. I'm off this weekend for reasons other than the nuptials, so it's just fortuitous! I suppose I could make red, white and blue icing? :D swirly!

    Hope you have a lovely day whatever you do! xx

  4. We're going round to watch it with family but I don't think it'll be half the production you're having! I will be watching with interest to see the dress but all the hype does kinda get on my nerves. I do hope they have a wonderful day!

  5. I cannae be arrised with all the punditry ... just the key elements for me, I thought her frock was beautiful but my heart lay with the bridesmaid's dress ... absolutely stunning. It was lovely to have a house full, and now the boys have their mates over, so it's all good :D

    It looks like the burgers and hot dogs will be dinner, and I forgot about the pasties and sscotch eggs! :o oops!