Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dear Blog

Here is a beautiful star shaped cushion fashioned entirely from size 11/0 beads by my lovely mate Sigrid.

She is too shy to expose the world to her beautiful neat freak beadwork so I am going to have to do it for her, that and we're experiencing technical difficulties with our host *eyes the other half glaringly* :)

The star is based on a Jean Power design and will be an ornament in her family room.  

We've had an afternoon of bitch...er, beading, tea and cakes so it's all good. Off to Bead and Banter tonight too, we're spoiled :D


  1. OMG that is so beautiful. I was looking at some Jean Power patterns the other day and thinking of treating myself - this has made my mind up xx

    Bead & banter was a great laugh.

  2. :) I should have prodded Sigrid to bring it along and show it off...I'm never thinking of things like that :)

    Your company was a bonus :)