Saturday, 9 April 2011

Nice Weather

for ducks at the start of the week

For those of you who haven't caught me on facebook, I love this song.  I love a lot of songs, but right now, this song is driving me 'quackers' (sorry)

Now that I have that out my system, I need to show you just how busy I've been and how lucky I am to have beady friends online and in real life!

I received a wonderful BeadBuddie birthday table treat from Carol Passaro, aka Bead Queen.  The coulours of the buttons whilst fab were completely taken on with the colours of a mixed pack of beads, so much so I made this ring (twice) and then added the buttons to make another!

Carol has also sent me another pack of lovelies and I can't wait to make something worthy of them !

O:TTBS colours are red, black and white this month which is well within my spectrum of comfort.  I have still got a commission that I should be doing that is in these colours but I was influences by the moodboard and what I had in my stash as well as the wonderful method of Odd Count Peyote stitch that Sigrid passed on to me! 

Bead Buddies also have their new colours up for the monthly challenge, and boy did these colours stump me.  Not because I don't have them in my stash, far from it, I just didn't know what to do.  First I got carried away and did a bezelled cab of Tan's.  I have ogled, stroked and purred over these beauties so it was nice to finally make something with them.  They were much simpler to bezel round than I had anticipated and whislt I liked the result, it wasn't wuite 'me'.  So I raked out some other stuff and again, a surprise extra from Carol came in handy here too!

Bead and Banter at The Bead Shop Scotland in Edinburgh was on Tuesday evening, and fresh from an afternoon's beady play with Sigrid, it was great to get out with fellow beady buds Mary Marshall and Lisa Broadley.  We had such a laugh, and boy are these ladies talented :) I love Lisa's 'laissez-faire' and 'que sera' attitude.  Such an adaptive creative person :) And those shoes Lisa, just wow! ;)

I must also thank Lisa for the loan of her texture mats for cupcakeness this weekend and for the fantabulous card stock she gave me for the children (well, I'm a big kid too eh? ;) )

Personally, my health is at a low ebb, so whilst I've tried to stay busy, I've been on a bit of a downer!  As a result, I think I am likely to miss out on a night out at work.  Whilst I'd love to go, I really need to take time for me, and try and recuperate.  Needless to say, the cure from the doc's is almost (but not quite) worse than the disease :)

I've enjoyed baking this week, including banana bread, brownies, peanut butter cookies, scones, scones and damned scones as well as cupcakes for mother's day (which was the best ever according to the boys! ;) ) and also tonight.  I have also been donated some chocolate and condensed milk which I have to turn into Millionaire's Shortbread for a girl at work!  Her hubby loves it apparently so hopefully he'll like mine ;) Should really teach her how to make it herself, eh? :D

I also have started making a tutorial of the odd count peyote project, which I'm determined, as much as Sigrid, to credit, if not the originator of the idea, at least someone who taught it!

I shall put it here when it's done!


  1. Wow! You have been busy. When do you ever find the time to be ill? You'll be able to get in plenty of relaxing at the retreat - although it's still a few weeks away yet - plenty of drinking too, I shouldn't wonder! :0D Love the rings and things you've made. I really must get on and do mine.

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Donna, you've been amazingly busy! I wish i had your energy ... all that and even when feeling under the weather, hats off to you chica

  3. I tend to run myself into a standstill ... so I didn't get out last night, though today the sun has recharged my batteries and there's been no pressure! I think that most times there's nothing else for it but to get up and get on with it, but sometimes it takes too much effort! :)

  4. Ooo Lesley, I love everything you've done this week, but this has made me seriously blush :8
    (I do admit to being a total shoe-whore though!)

    Hope you're feeling better now, gorgeous. I know what you mean about running yourself to a standstill. If you need any help with anything, even if it's just picking up shopping or something for you - let me know.