Thursday, 21 April 2011

Need shooting!

Recently I discovered this fabulous blog Jelly Shot Test Kitchen with fantabulous eye candy in the truest, and occasionally drunkest, sense of the word! (some, a lot actually are virgin recipes so it's not all adults only)

I love to create pretty things, so yes, I've preordered the recipe book...duh! I do have a nemesis in gelatin though, so I think after my gelatin stock is used up I will start making agar agar my jelly maker of choice! Then its all suitable for those of the vegetarian persuasion as well!

I also bought some funky moulds.  There's a tale about that

I bought this mould and showed it to a buddy who was round for drinkypoos the other night, and it was tacky from the packaging so without thinking I stuck it in the dishwasher... that's a tenner I won't see again in a hurry, but lesson learned *sigh*

So, this morning, armed with limited stocks of alcohol, I started remaking shots I did yesterday.  *smile*
I made a batch of mojito jellies, as I had just made some mojito cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book. Those were a hit and I shall definitely be making them again and other versions as well. I had an issue with my gelatin, having put more than enough in the pan, and a little extra for luck, and stirred it for what seemed like an eternity, I added the rum, lime and mint mixture.  It was only after straining out the chopped mint that I realised quite a bit of the gelatin hadn't actually dissolved.  So, now I have to buy a pan that isn't dark grey which I can see to the bottom and check properly.  Any excuse eh? :)

Not being a woman with an abundance of patience I checked the jellies about an hour and a half later and was surprised to see they'd thickened up considerably, so perhaps there had been enough gelatin after all?  This morning they hadn't firmed up any further so I wasn't surprised pleasantly after all.  Add this to the opening of the dishwasher and I was superbummed.

Yet not easily deterred.
One boiled kettle, an extra sachet of gelatin and some more action with a fork later, I had a nice clear mixture in my glass jug.  I added the jelly I'd made previously (wobbly mass of ..... no let's not go there) and stirred like a demon.  I'd thought I'd need another tray but the mixture very almost went back into the original trays (after washing, drying and regreasing!) Already they're firm - so it's looking good!

Buoyed by this success I decided to have a bash at some red jewels/hearts with some vodka and grenadine.  I had seen a recipe that used sachets of quick setting gel as well as gelatin.  Whilst the jewel tray is buggered the hearts are quite deep, and (I think I inherited it from Sigrid - ta chuck!) took up most of the mixture.  Due to the proportions of liquid to gel mix/ gelatin it remains quite cloudy, but still *hic* tastes ok, if a little potent.

So, what have I learned from this I hear you ask?

Do not wash silicone ice cube trays in the dishwasher....
Be fully prepared with your liquids measured, any colourants you will use handy
If one more person tells me I'll need extra gelatin due to alcohol I'll lamp them one
Once you find something that works, stick with it, perfect it
(don't you dare say it Sigrid! ;) re extra gelatin)
Get better cake release stuff with finer spray and less residue!
Perhaps it's not politically correct to use an old baby bottle for measuring one's alcohol.
Nor is it such to have your almost three year old help ... have I mentioned she likes to cook? And now has a fascination for jelly .. so obviously we had to make some virgin stuff for her :)

Can't wait til my space invader tray and lego tray arrive.  I want to do the rainbow ones soon, with the stalked cherries! I better get on it quickly though... got some to make for a night out in a week or so!

So, happy Easter everyone, I hope you all have a relaxing weekend *love and hugs*


  1. Ooh, that book sounds fun! :) I can't wait to see the rainbow ones when you make them!
    Aw, a shame about the ice cube tray :(
    Ashley x

  2. the photos are sublime :) I think the book will be jelly pr0n :)

    The mojito ones are already pretty solid (heart vodka ones, not so much) so I shall post up a recipe soon :) with photos....