Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hat Trick

I know, I know.... THREE posts... I warned you I was like something driven by Midland Bluebird* ;)

I was in the garden this afternoon, pottering, snipping, and hanging out laundry whilst Piper began to paint.  Yes, I let her have paint, and no, I didn't used to... but she got to at her granny's and I figure outside the mess can't make it much worse. Besides, it's a (reinforced) glass table top, easily cleaned!

So here she is, hard at work creating. And this is what she did - not bad for not yet three years old, stayed in the lines not too badly :)

The dog had fun too, she has a little bubble machine from Asda that she adores, turns out Alex likes to chase them too!

*an old bus! ;D

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