Thursday, 3 November 2011

posting and running

Just a quickie, been a busy time of late - always something going on even if it is just the kids being ill!  Can't believe it's November already - hope you all had a suitable Samhain/Halloween/All Hallow's Eve ...

I have been very lucky of late in the beady stakes ...

This piece was entered into O:TTBS Monthly Moodboard and I was lucky enough to be picked at random to win this awesome haul ... yup, I'm waiting to mug the postie! ;)

This month's Bead Buddies colours begin with K, Kiwi, Kahki and Kohl ... (which I was brought up to think of as cabbage, so thought it was another green, but it is kohl for your eyes ... The colours reminded me of a kiwi fruit but it wasn't until Bead and Banter with the fab input from Mary Marshall that I was encouraged to make a slice of kiwi!  Several aborted attempts later, I managed to produce this. 

Which led me onto this month's moodboard challenge for O:TTBS - red and green ... now how do you do something in red and green at this time of year and not fall into the Christmas trap?  Answer - you make a watermelon! :)

Hope you have enjoyed a foray into my beady world at the moment, though there are other things I could and should be showing, like this scarf,the bag or these hair clips! :)

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