Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well the sun is shining, and the misty foggy conditions have cleared today.  Wish my head felt the same.... Piper's sinuses seem to also be fugged up as her wee cheeks are aflame and she's awfully clingy, so that's a fine excuse to dabble in little crafts whilst sitting on't sofa with the bub.  Stuarty is upstairs watching youtube videos of some bloke named Simon who is playing Minecraft ... I cannot think of anything more boring than listening to this guy drone on whilst he plays the game and you merely watch!  But I'm allowing him as his big brother is away to rugby with their Dad and he's feeling at a loose end.  Doesn't help his friends all seem to go visiting on a Sunday so there's no one to pal around with.  Taede is off to Colin's to take him out in our new car...

Here's a piccy of the vehicle - it's a Citroen C5 with bells and whistles, as well as the more usual car features.  Currently it's showing up all sorts of sensor readings that just can't be true, so Colin and Taede are going to run a proper diagnostic on it.  According to P'Shep at work (who used to apprentice for the local dealer before it shafted him good and proper) it's more likely to be the sensors being faulty ...

I also got Taede to return Lisa's cuttlebug to her, as I've had it a week and not used it to its full potential ... am very tempted to ask Santa for one! I selected buttons for matching pairs of hairclips and have sewn them together ready to attach to the clips ... it's more time consuming than I anticipated, but I did find inspiration in the thread I selected, look out for this colour combo at some point for me!

I received my goodies too, and should really be taking a photo of them but duty calls, Ewan is coming home from rugby early with a sore head - I'm assuming it's a headache and not a head injury ... I think they'd have said on the phone, but you never know!

Last weekend was the festival tournament hosted at their home club.  The team did very well, again, working cohesively and making intelligent play.  Ewan excelled himself too, with many of his plays setting up perfect tries - I was again so very very proud of all the boys (of course Ewan the most but that's just a Mum's job, right? :) )

And it all paid off - they won their gold, at long last and oh so much sweeter to win it on home turf and be presented their medals by Ben Cairns!  Ewan, amongst other boys got his shirt signed, and came away euphoric!  I'll admit to being a little high myself! ;)

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  1. I've been so bad at catching up on your blog (probably because I've seen you a fair bit lately and also been lax at updating mine).

    I am so loving those hair clips - really really pretty. Pic of Piper is adoreable. So proud of Ewan's rugby achievments - sort of with Stuart on this one too though - could think of a million things I'd rather do on a cold rainy Sunday afternoon :P

    See you Tue xoxo