Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Normal Service

will resume shortly!  Well, what passes for normal around here.  Still working, getting a bit of hassle back and forth, and reaching the end of my tether!  Piper seems to pick up one thing after another at nursery and after walking down with another couple of messmakers one of whom had a stinking cold (mummy informed me she was fine, she's on antibiotics.... *eyeroll*) she's off nursery again! 

I've been crafting my socks off to try and build up stock for a fair on 10th December, at the Dobbie Hall in Larbert - Sigrid, Lisa and I are trying our hand at getting ourselves out there! Having done this in the past with only jewellery I admit that I was a bit hesitant when Lisa proposed this ... but now, I'm excited, as well as anxious as a very anxious thing suffering from a panic attack!

I made a prototype crayon roll which will be a Santa present for Piper, as the design needs a good tweaking before I'm happy with it.

I have mosaic and button covered photo frames, fridge magnets, pomanders, phone pouches and bags to sell - and was thinking of having a bash at some handscrub as well, but we'll see.  I will also make some tablet, as I am making some for the nursery as well as some for work! Today, I finally popped some crayons out their moulds.  I was indifferent about the results as the crayons I'd used weren't the best quality and as suspected, the pigment separated from the wax ... however, once I'd rubbed my hands with a dab of olive oil and massaged it into the crayons I'm rather pleased with the finished articles! :)

A bientot! :D

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