Friday, 2 December 2011

Skin care

I've always been blessed with fairly okay skin, certainly softer and less wrinkled than I deserve after a life of not actually looking after it, but recently I've been plagued with dumb spots and general dullness, so I decided to try an oil based cleansing routine. 

I have an atypical T-Bar skin, dryish on the sides, and a greasy forehead, nose and chin combination that isn't unusual so the idea of plunging oil on my face was one that filled me with trepidation.  I'd definitely recommend it though, only two days in and this 'at-home facial' has left my skin feeling fuller, more taut yet softer and it has a nicer glow while retaining a mostly matt finish!

I decided, for my own edification, as well as anyone else who's watching, to conduct an experiment so after two days I look like this

Please ignore the enormous plook on my forehead, the one at the side of my right eye socket and the scarring of a very recent cold sore on my lower lip.  I'm hoping with this regime it may eradicate this all together!

My daily routine consists of massaging in a small amount of a mix of sweet almond and light olive oils, then steaming with a (very very) hot cloth (as many applications as you feel the need for).  A few hot, 'squeezed out til it's dry' cotton wool pads are then dabbed on all over the skin, with another 'hot as you can stand it' wrung out cloth applied over the face, finished off with a 'cold as you can stand it' cloth - It is recommended that the water is changed out regularly, so I refresh the sink between the first cloth and the cotton wool, and again before the final hot cloth.  It takes about 5-10 minutes all told, and my skin tingles, glows and 'pinks' like a cooling engine for about an hour afterward, and never feels greasy. There are no chemicals, scents (though you could add an essential oil if you liked) and there isn't any requirement for additional toner or moisturiser!

This is day two, and I'm amazed at the results, and have swapped the 'first thing in the morning' for a later in the evening regime.  In the morning I just dampen a cotton wool pad and dab at the sleep and anything else that looks tatty, with the evening getting the full attention.

The idea of blogging about it is twofold, I may actually manage to continue this as planned on a daily basis so it becomes routine, and I may encourage others to try it! 


  1. Interesting routine...and how brave for posting your plooks and all! I shall be investing in some oil...I have the inverse problem with a very dry forehead at the moment and a big scab in the middle lie a cyclops!

  2. I'm a firm believer in natural products and this couldn't be mote simple. I recall you have gorgeous skin and you deserve a wee pampering! And if you don't like it, you have the basis of a great salad dressing! Xx

  3. Sounds like a plan! I am eager to see your results, it looks promising so far!! I used to have nice skin.. but lately I've had the nastiest trouble with both breakouts and dry skin and I'm all a big mess... *sigh*

  4. I think I should couple this with upping my daily fluid intake, though since I discovered tea actually counts as part of your water intake for hydration purposes I've done much better, but the days I sleep/work at night, I certainly don't get enough hydration and it plays havoc withthe skin especially at this time of year for me! The true test of this regime will be the summer, though I suppose it could be a steam clean one day without the oil and a full scale assault the next with it :)

  5. I have really dry skin and the winter plays havoc with it, but I stopped using soap products a few years ago and have never looked back. As for drinking lots of tea, thats a given in our house, big tea drinkers me and the boy person. I have started to go to the spa once a week with the girlie and SIL and it really helps your skin too, not to mention sitting in the jacuzzi for an hour going all wrinkly and looking at sexy bums ;O) does wonders for your ego :O)

  6. Ooo will watch this with interest. I have the laziest skin care regime ever - I normally just slap some Vaseline on!

    Would like to have the dedication to do a proper routine though. Shall add it to my list for next year!

  7. I've been remiss in posting, but have been keeping up the routine on a two days on, one day off rota basis ... will take pics and update soon, but for now, snoooooze time :)