Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Quick 'n' Dirty

I find making earrings to be rather inspirational, or at least a dirty little kick start to one's mojo ... so I just had to say count me in to the Day & Night Earring Swap on O:TTBS.

I finished my earrings last week but panicked as I didn't have anything packaging wise to send them to my partner, Gill Hardbattle.  At work last Thursday night I discovered Asda sell boxes, which is fab! I packaged them up ready and hopeful Taede would post them out, and he did! Yay! My relief has been shortlived however as I received mine from Gill yesterday but as yet, Gill hasn't got mine! Noooo! Boooo!Of course I utterly forgot to take photos!

Gill makes delightful stuff and should definitely be proud of her talent!  Here are the beauties - I need to point out  that Sigrid was here when I opened the package and snaffled the crackley drops!

So, forlorn, I turned to the bead mat to make replacements for the lost ones.  As I was at Mum's we talked as I worked and after I made a sort of copy of one pair (spot the deliberate mistake), Mum suggested that it might be an idea to make totally different earrings in case the first lot miraculously turn up!  Quite sensible really!  I dug out some silver hoops and started to brickstitch around it ... I'm pleased with the result though I didn't risk not taking photos as the light was good today and who knows when it will be again! I am working on the other one now so Gill won't have to rock the pirate/Van Gogh look.  The other pair I made from two of the felt balls Marina sent me for being the lucky commentator on her Bead Soup Blog Party post! I even made my own earwires! :)


  1. Lovely! Both what she sent and your replacements :) So sad that the others disappeared though :(

  2. I'm a bit gutted myself, not heard anything today :( OH is a postie too, so it's doubly galling for him :) x

  3. WooHooooo! Postal service came through and Gill has her earrings, pretty duff for first class recorded delivery but they are there and that's the main thing :)

  4. Love all your earrings Lesley you are such a clever bunnie. I am so glad mine arrived in the end and have been on a high all day. Thank you so much for making me happy and for writing such a lovely blogg about my earring swap x