Sunday, 18 March 2012

Craft Pimping

When I say pimping the craft, I actually mean the good peoples over at CRAFTPIMP, a great little forum for the discerning crafter, whatever your medium.

A while ago there was talk of a blog ring, and it came to pass but with the advent of my lappy dying on me and using this steampowered beast as well as my smartphone to access the web, I missed its launch completely, for which I profusely apologise!

I've missed weeks one and two so will play catch up here as both ladies have awesome talents that I must Must MUST share!



First up is the incredible glass artist, Laney Mead.  Laney has a penchant for creative crittering, as well as beautiful sculptural flowers.  Her critters are cute and hilarious in equal measure, each with her own personal stamp...I say stamp, I mean bumhole :D 

hibiscus and buds

Her flowers are equally as intricate and capture the beauty of nature fabulously ... I have a rose and a matching bud which I was lucky enough to get in a swap which I take out and stroke as well as marvel at the delicate tints as well as twists of glass. How she finds time during her hectic schedule to even get the glass hot far less create such unique, characterful pieces is beyond me!

Laney and her life can be followed on her blog and her glassy goodness can be purchased from her etsy store here and bargains to be had on ebay shop


Kayleigh Sexton has an amazing talent with polymer clay and has the uncanny knack of turning that talent to many other mediums! And not just limited to beads or jewellery, take a look at these beautiful items, from wedding cake toppers to journals .. :) 

As well as this talent Kayleigh is also a dab hand with a needle as these little guys will attest! How cute and colourful is this motley crew?! 

You can find Kayleigh at her blog and you can peruse her fantastical creations for sale or commission here at her website.  I suggest a browse is in order! 


  1. ooo I missed Kayleighs socky creatures! Thank you, 'ole great and wonderful feather boa fluttering, needle stitching geni-arse you x