Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Well, I am!

I am no longer limited to a machine that crashes every five seconds or my phone (to which the limit is me and not it, in fairness)

For my birthday, my wonderful other half bought me a 2nd hand lappy and upgraded and refluffed it for my birthday so now I have a screen I can read and a keyboard I can (allegedly) type on! AND ...AND! He kept it all a secret!  Which is amazing in this house! :) 

My first job over the next few nights will be to update you all on the Craft Pimplets and catch up on all those I left behind :(  

I will be active on fora again and just generally much more my internet based bad self!  :)

I can take pics on my camera again too, having a card reader again!  I feel revitalised, and just in time too!  

Thanks to Lisa, I'm now doing a weekly yoga classes as well as having signed up for Roller Derby.  I'm still beading, sewing and taking burlesque classes so I'm doing much better physically as well! :)

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